Ticats prediction for 2007 season

They will win 7 games this year. Not much of an improvement but still they are heading in the right direction. If you think they will win more games than that you should probably get your head checked out. Bob Loblaws
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if the Cats can go from 1-17 in 03 to 9-9 in 04 then they can do 10 wins or better this year.

this is not the NFL.. it doesn't take years to develop a winner in the CFL.

another example.. in 91 Hamilton was 3-15 then the next year 92 was 11-7 and made it to the division final.

Exactly Zenstate. I think every year predictions for given teams are way too conservative. Not considering the entire league in the last 20 years we've seen significant turn-arounds such as the afore-mentioned 91-92 improvement from 3-15 to 11-7... the 97-98 turnaround from 2-16 to Eastern Champions and the 03-04 trun around from 1-17 to 9-8-1.

I think too many pundits fear making what might look like a rediculous prediction and tack on no more than 3 additional wins to our record last year.

I guess its also a matter of respect to teams with established rosters and a proven track record in recent years. Honestly, I think most CFL teams have as many if not more questions that need to be answered than our own.

Time will tell. It starts with BC vs. TO on Thursday and for the Tabby Cats on Saturday.

Realastically, I think we wuill win 5-6 games but will be in most of them and competetive......the East may not be too strong this year so can challenge a bit for the playoff spot and if we get a few bounces may squeak out 8 wins.....

first 4 games are very tough but a win in Calgary on pure adrenaline will give us a good start and back home for oronto where anything can happen

again.. this is not the NFL.

just saying that again because of the narrow mentality so many have about turn around seasons in the CFL. there is normally a turn around team every season and sometimes 2.

these 2-3 year rebuilding things do exist for NFL, NHL and NBA but NOT the CFL.

One game over 500%

The only problem with that example is that the situations are completely different.

That coaching staff wasn't implementing an entirely new system on an entirely new roster of players and trying to change the culture of an entire football organization.

We are entering a season with a SMS, I admit that will bring parity to the league rather quickly. But to expect the team to develop the rapport and chemistry that it takes to be a championship caliber team, not to mention digesting an entire complex offense and defence in three weeks and then execute it to perfection on the field is a little too much to ask for.

But that is just my opinion. I would have to believe that what most Ticat fans want is progess this season. Just some progress.

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6 Wins to 10 wins Max

In the East, I think injuries will play a big role. No team except Toronto has an experienced backup QB. If Calvillo or Glenn go down, their teams are done. As big a fan as I am of Chang’s, if Maas goes down so does the team. Chang hasn’t played regularly for awhile and still hasn’t faced a 1st string D for 60 minutes. He’s your QB of the future but the present is Maas’s.

I think the Cats will edge out the Als this year. The Als are not just another year older, they’re old. And they don’t have Matthews.

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Toronto 10-8
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 9-9
Montreal 7-11


BC 12-6
Sask 10-8
Calgary 10-8
Edmonton 9-9

Toronto wins the grey cup cause the CFL politics are in favour of Toronto.

Those standings mean there will be a total of 77 games won and only 67 lost.
I have a feeling that won't work out.

This is my guess from another thread:

Toronto 10-8
Montreal 10-8
Winnipeg 8-10
Hamilton 7-11

BC 12-6
Saskatchewan 10-8
Calgary 9-9
Edmonton 6-12

I just want the team to be competitive, score some touchdowns at home, and make some progress with our younger players.


Well because the East isnt that strong this year i predict we go 10-8 and finish second in the East

How about this:--I do not know how many games they will win but I DO think they will make the playoffs and I DO think they can make it to the Grey Cup--and if they do guess who I think they will play--the Roughriders--sound familiar--say 1989--anyway the key is being at 500 or better after the first four games.

Can't be done in an 18 week schedule

assuming there are no ties

My prediction: 8-10, in the thick of the fight for a playoff spot. As of right now, I would say a dangerous fourth. :wink:

Depending on how the QB situations and injury states are across the East, the Cats could go as high as second.

I expect one of the three other clubs to finish ahead of the Ticats at least.

The division is Montreal's to lose with T.O. on their heels (when McMahon gets his chance to start will dictate how successful the Argos are down the stretch because Bishop as starter heretofore has done little to impress me).

Damon Allen is done, IMHO. It's a matter of when, not if.

Winnipeg will be in the mix as long as Glenn stays healthy. Doug Berry's game management skills (i.e. using Charles Roberts correctly in game situations when he should be utilized) don't impress me either, frankly.

If the Ticats do emerge with a playoff spot, buckle up. I like Taaffe over any other HC in the East as a sudden-death game planner.

A crossover scenario may be reachable if Saskatchewan tanks it and Edmonton fails to jell enough to break 9-9. I do not like a Kournegay-Justin Experience vs. Geroy Simon et al. It's lights out.

Ricky Ray is the key to Edmonton yet again. Lefsrud will help Ricky stay healthy, but is it enough? I still do not like their O-line.

Calgary has to show me something in the playoffs before I would give them the nod over B.C. Smilin' Hank better get his game on PDQ or it will be Akili Smith at the controls.

Interesting season ahead!

Oski Wee Wee,

That is a good point. The 1989 Roughriders are only one example of a team to not do well in the regular season only to win the Grey Cup. The 2000 B.C. Lions won the Grey Cup with an 8-10 record, and Calgary won it the next year with the same record.

However, I unfortunately do not think that the Ticats will be in the playoffs this year. Despite the fact that they are in the East Division, which IMHO will give them a better chance of being in the playoffs, I do not think it’ll happen. Just as it has been said before, the Ticats appear to be in the right direction, but have a way to go.

So I predict the Ticats will win seven games this year.