Ticats predicted last place in East

I was reading my latest issue of the CFL magazine and noticed that they have predicted Hamilton to finish in fourth in the East? I am yet to figure out how some sources predict a high finish for the tabbies yet the CFL magazine is saying the opposite. I would like to think that our team after all the changes will be at least playoff worthy, I can understand not being first, but fourth?? I just can't see it.

One of the things that has resulted from a number of off-season factors, primarily the Ottawa dispersal, is that there is an extreme amount of parrity in the league at present. Anyone who tells you that they are sure of where any CFL team will finish at this point will probably follow up by selling you a bridge in Manhattan.

When you think about it, the West will likely be a total bloodbath. The only thing that could prevent that would be a major injury to Henry Burris, an outbreak of Hanta virus among the Riders' offensive line, or Dave Dickenson and Geroy Simon being simultaneously pulled into a singularity, never to be seen again.

Meanwhile in the East, it all depends on what you prize more than anything else. Do you prize consistency and familiarity of players and staff? Then the Argos are your bet for first. Do you believe that it all starts with a genius coach and a quarterback to match? Then Montreal is your team. Do you look for depth, youth and energy? Then I imagine the TigerCats would be the team for you. Or do you believe that the team with nothing to lose is likely to go full tilt and beat teams with high expecations? That would be Winnipeg.

Every team in the league has made significant off-season moves, the vast majority positive (even if it's addition by subtraction). This could be the most competitive year the CFL has had in decades. Every team has major strengths and minor weaknesses. I personally think the Cats will finish second or third, but I wouldn't lay money against them finishing either first our fourth either.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't put any stock in preseason predictions this year. No one really knows.

Edit: I tried to say Dickenson and Simon "s*cked" into a singularity and the website edited it out. Hilarious.

CFL mag. also predicted calgary last in the west....so think nothin of it.

we will place 2nd in the east argos and stamps wont maek the play offs and we will win the cup


then the alarm clock goes off…

Ti Cats will finish 3rd this year, ahead of Blue Bombers, with Argos finishing 2nd and Montreal top

Just my predictions

East… West

1)Montreal… Sask

2)Hamilton… Edm

3)Toronto… BC

4)Winnipeg… Cal


Edmonton................Montreal or Winnipeg

I think a huge factor in determining final standings will be injuries. Especially with the teams schedules being full of back to back games. A key injury even for 2 weeks could kill a teams entire season.



That is a good point.

if we finish last i would be shocked,Were goin all the way! :slight_smile:

Injuries and preparation. Teams that get out of the gate slow will have to hope opponents get injured to make ground.

Hamilton seems very well prepared right now. While Toronto has been distracted and Winnipeg is revamping and still have 10 spots open on the roster. Hamilton and Montreal have a leg up on the other two teams IMO.

I would agree with that as well. Hamilton does look prepared. I think that Toronto is more focused then people think and come the June 17th opener people will see that. Winnipeg I don't think will cut it in the east I think the other 3 teams are too strong.

This is a rebuilding year for Winnipeg and they have a very tough schedule. Glen would have to double is output from last year and that is a tall order.

Toronto is going to have an identity crisis and it could take them a handful of games to adjust. QB is 43, offensive line is suspect and they have Austin as OC...

i say hammer town takes it!

1.hamilton 1.edmonton
2.toronto 2B.C.
3montreal 3.sask
4.winnipeg 5.calgary

Hamilton beats Edmonton in the greycup 31-24

t.o going down this year, i predict allen out early there season falls apart... the only fearced comp in the east is montreal.

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Who did the Monkey pick? <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

the monkey will probably pick the argos because animals like a circus attmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The monkey picked Montreal because he wants the team his father coaches to win. :lol: :lol: :cowboy: