Ticats practices

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the date, location and fees (if any) to watch ticats practices before the pre-season.

The Team Post the Camp Info here . Just before they open Camp in June
Rookie Camp Normal the last week or two weeks of May.
Last year Practices where at 10 AM but ever year the Team Votes on a Time .
As for days if Have a Home Game on Friday Count back 3 Days those are practices days

If We play out west on a Friday
The Equipment must Leave on Wednesday Night.
so that is last Practice day Wednesday at 10
Cause Equipment leaves at 4 PM
Team flys out Thursday Morning
so Practice day would Normally Monday Tuesday Wed.

All Practices at Mac(Tranning Camp only ) are open to Public
But beware if not season Ticket Holder it may cost u to park.
When we go back to IWS they like Fans to sit in Box C and D side.

"Rookie Camp Normal the last week or two weeks of May."

So rookie camp probably starts next week?

What times -onknight- ?

Thanks for the tip.

This year, rookie camp begins on Wednesday, June 3rd. The veterans will arrive for medicals on Saturday, June 6th and begin practicing on Sunday, June 7th.

would be nice if I could see some of the practices online as I live 5 hrs away. Especially the rookie practices.

Ticats TV Will Cover the Rookie Camp and Tranning if you can't make it
Plus I will be making Blog Posts to my Black and Gold Report as well.