Ticats Practice

I understand the CFl has a rule that the team cannot practice until 2 days after a game as well they cannot practice the day before a game .

This is interesting this week as they play in Montreal on Sunday and then Ottawa on Friday .
So they would not be able to practice on Monday or Tuesday and thursday leaving only Wednesday to practice. Not a lot of practice time for Ottawa . We usually play of friday's leaving us with 3 days of practice

Practice? We're talking about practice?

Just kidding a little AI for humour.

But on a real note.. Who cares? :wink:

At this stage of the schedule, how truly important is this concern, since there won't be a post season?

Really...not at all...

Gerbear20 makes a good point about short weeks with basically one day less practice and travel .
Our great new Commissioner could improve our CFL by hiring someone to come up with a better schedule that gives fans teams playing each other that are rested more than the present schedules of the past few years have done.

They are, 21 week schedule with 3 byes next year to cut down on short weeks.

I don't believe there is any rule which would prevent the team from practising on Tuesday next week.

And let's stop with these stupid Friday night 7pm games!!!! Ridiculously difficult to get to Hamilton at that time given traffic. How many times do we have to plead!!!

TSN wants Friday night football, it is in their TV contract.

I really enjoy the option to watch Friday TSN football every week

I hate those Friday night games. I come in from the west along the QEW, and I never know how long it is going to take to get to the stadium.

7:30 would help. ?

Is that even possible?

Can't speak for OP, but the QEW changes direction when it diverges from the 403 in Burlington. Anyone crossing the Skyway from Burlington is "coming from the west along the QEW", though I guess you could split hairs and decribe Niagara-bound QEW as "coming from the north" until it crosses Centennial.

I like the Friday night games too and will miss them when they're done in a couple of weeks.

I'd like to see the end of five day turnarounds on games though - especially if a team has to travel as Hamilton does both back from Montreal and then to Ottawa. Maybe eliminating those 5 day weeks will be possible with the extra bye week added in.