Ticats Practice

Funny thing after getting their butts wooped in SASK they will only have 2 practices this week.
Tomorrow and Thursday . Hardly enough time to make th echanges required to win .

If I am the coach , I would have practiced them today for sure to get in at least 3 practices and unless there is a rule agaimnst it 'd practice them again on friday .

I would NOT reward them with a day of turesday after that perfrmance.

Practise(vb)? They do??

The team might not be on the field but I thinking that Austin, Condell and Orlondo are FRANTICALLY working on a new approach or game plan. They have one monumental task in front of them because if we get destroyed by the Riders again in Guelph I expect major apathy towards the team. Attracting casual fans from the Guelph and Waterloo region will be a hard sell because nobody wants to be associated with a loser.

No pressure at all, eh Kent? :cowboy:

Monday was a travel day and the club is entitled to a day off after a game ... blame the schedule makers.

Probably trying to figure out more passing plays to get rid of the pesky two run plays that somehow sneaked into the play book!

After that performance I agree.They should at least be going through different plays and have some kind of running game at least in a walking or half speed type of practice.I also hope the defense fix the problem of leaving recievers wide open wether its the players not listening or the defensive co-ordinators screw up it can't continue.

Sorry, can't do that.....CFLPA agreement you know. Coach's hands are tied....can't "punish" players with extra practice. The biggest joke is the bye week each team must have. No need for it in an 8-team league.

Why is it a joke?

It gives the players a week off in the middle of the season, giving them a chance to heal some aches, pains and injuries.

And, IIRC that’s around the time when attendance is traditionally lowest, short Canadian summer, vacationing families and all

Very fair points, CaptianKirk.

Because it extends the regular season an extra unnecessary week. They never had bye weeks in the "old days" and the football being played seemed fine. Today's players have it made.

Of course they did have byes in the old days. With a nine-team league, every week there is at least one team with a bye. Starting next year, it will again be a scheduling necessity. :roll:

Should have made myself more clear. I'm talking about an 8-team league, when Montreal and then Ottawa folded. Just don't think bye weeks are necessary when you have a balanced schedule.

I like the bye week, as it gives a lot of guys a chance to rest up in a very long season. I think we see a better product and less injuries because of it.

In a nine team league every week is a bye week for someone.

In an eight team league it wasn't needed until they went to an 18 game schedule. That's a long grind, I don't think a bye week is unreasonable.

Still don't see why that's a joke.

I like it because, as a football fan, it's a bonus to have an extra week of football to watch in both the CFL and NFL.

Did you not like it when they extended the regular season from 16 games to 18 in 1986?

It's also an extra week of the very successful ]Friday Night Football[/i] for TSN which likely has contributed to increased viewership which in turn has led to this nice, new juicy TV contract that just might help make the tabbies become financially sustainable.

You win Captain. I now enjoy bye weeks. :smiley: