TiCats Practice vrs CGY update

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More news from #Ticats practice: both guard @PeterDyakowski & KR @speedybanks87 in action today. Means they could play Friday. #CFL :thup:

Three things to know from Ticats practice

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Drew Edwards

Some news to report out of Tuesday’s drizzly Ticat practice.

[b]1. The team has signed defensive back Jalil Carter. He played three seasons for the Argos before heading to the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL this winter. He was released at the end of August.

Carter played for current Ticat defensive coordinator Orlondo Steinauer when he was the defensive backs coach in Toronto during the 2012 season so Carter should have at least some familiarity with the scheme. He’s a quality defensive back and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him installed as the boundary corner in short order.

I’m hearing that the deal is a short-term one, just through the end of this season. That likely means he wants to try the NFL again this winter.

  1. The Ticats have also signed Canadian offensive lineman Mike Filer to a three-year contract extension. Given that the team has a number of Canadian starters slated for free agency in February – including Ted Laurent, Andy Fantuz, Courtney Stephen – extending Filer is a significant move. He’s a young Canadian offensive lineman now in his fourth season and he plays a tough position in centre.

Filer is also a local kid – Brantford, anyway – who is heavily involved in the community. That isn’t a factor when it comes to doling out contract extensions but it’s a nice bonus nonetheless.

  1. As for practice, defensive end Adrian Tracy is back practicing with the first team as is left guard Peter Dyakowski. Brandon Banks also took reps with the first team kick return teams, meaning he could play Sunday as well.[/b]

Not sure which I would prefer returning kicks, SpeedyB not at 100%, or a healthy McDuffie.

Honestly? On one hand, I would prefer a healthy Quincy, and give Banks the chance to heal up (and prevent further injury). On the other hand, Speedy has become a big part of our Offence this season, and Mathews needs that familiarity with his first start.

And on the third hand, McDuffie is a bigger target, so might be easier for Mathews to see and hit with a pass.

On the forth hand Speedy B has some of the best hands on the team. :wink:

Fourth hand? Who the heck has four hands?

(The "on the third hand" reference is from a Sci Fi book.)

They've been using Speedy B almost exclusively for short dump-off passes and runs, so his size (in the sense of being a big target for the QB) shouldn't be an issue.

Then there's the fact that he's caught one pass or less in 9 of our 12 games this year, and never more than three catches in a single game.

On a team that's led the league in big plays, Banks has only one catch of 20 yards or greater all season, and that's when he knocked Elimimian and friend on their butts en route to the end zone (i.e. he did it all himself).

I'd call this a complaint, but it's pretty hard to complain about our passing game so far this year. More of an "opportunity."

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago
Based on what I'm seeing at practice today, new DB Jalil Carter will play for the #Ticats Friday vs. #CalStampeders. #CFL

Also from Drew
"In other practice news, I think defensive back Jalil Carter will suit up for the Ticats on Friday versus the Stampeders. He will likely be limited to certain defensive packages, special teams and a reserve role. Receiver Bakari Grant and back up safety Mike Daly look set to return but I would expect to see Landon Rice start at guard for Peter Dyakowski (who may still be on the roster.) Return man Brandon Banks will play."

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/09/30/ticats-ink-bomben-to-contract-extension-and-other-practice-news/]http://3downnation.com/2015/09/30/ticat ... tice-news/[/url]

This is party the reason Zach put up great numbers. Banks has been getting "Special Attention" and has been involved in a lot of after scrimmage penalties and scrums. Some his own fault, some the fault of others, but basically a lot of defenses are keying in on Banks, which is letting the relatively less experienced Toliver, Sinkfield and Underwood light them up.

Excellent point.

My only concern is risk of further injury. If there isn't any, then hell yes let Speedy play. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

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. @ZCollaros7 at #ticats practice today, working closely with Jeff Matthews ahead of the rookies first #cfl reg season start

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Update from #calstampeders practice. LT Garry Williams is out, replaced by Derek Dennis. Lemar Durant out, Jabari Arthur in his place #cfl

DB Brandon McDonald is going to start at boundary corner in place of Joe Burnett. Glenn Love at MLB with Simpson out

So LB Juwan Simpson,DB Joe Burnett,LT Garry Williams and REC Lamar Durant all starters are out

Brandon McDonald was cut by Ottawa because of discipline problems, he cost them the game against the Argo a few weeks ago. Get him riled up and he will take some major penalties.

So, time to send our Brandon up against their Brandon?

Looking forward to attending my first game at THF Friday night with friends who are CFL fans coming down from Ottawa valley and Kitchener. Looking forward to it! Went to the THF open house and was impressed with the stadium I will say.

Its quite Obvious you have not watched Bakari play

Right - aside from being a very good receiver and down field blocker when needed, Grant’s veteran presence helps out the younger players since he knows the offense so well.

Then you will have to explain how the offense, which led the league, was worse off without him there. He is a good receiver but he is not better than anyone currently starting.

Can I please have what your smoking ...............