TiCats Practice updates for @ OTT

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#Ticats QB Jeff Mathews not presently on the field at practice. #CFL

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#jeff Mathews not on field. Mitchell Gale is. #ticats #cfl

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It’s very early in #Ticats practice but Jacory Harris & Jeremiah Masoli are splitting first team reps at quarterback. #CFL #Redblacks

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Looking more & more like it'll be Jacory Harris unless perhaps Matthews improves. Concussion protocol? #CFL #Ticats

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That'd be quite the story. #Ticats going into Ottawa with Jacory Harris as starter, needing to win by 7 or more to win 1st
in East. #CFL

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ICYMI, Jeff Mathews did go through concussion protocol at end of Sunday loss vs. #RedBlacks #Ticats were concerned about his head&neck #CFL

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 28m28 minutes ago
Overlooked in Lawrence hulabaloo was #Redblacks David Hinds hitting #Ticats Jeff Methews in head area. #CFL

Hey Henry, could you spare a few bucks to feed Jeff Matthews family????

I think Mathews is done at least this week. Cats sign former Argo Mitchell Gale

Is it time for Bishop yet. :cowboy:

Although generally a "good guy" Sunday was all about him, so I think his answer will be an indignant NO.

Well how about that "poor Henry who could still get up and play on his wonky knee"? No whining from any Ticats, let alone Mathews, about that DIRTY HIGH HELMET-TO-HELMET HIT that took out Mathews!!!

Yes there is much to like and admire about Hank who has proved to be very durable and works very hard in the off-season to be in top shape BUT his rants on camera when he doesn't like something can be tiresome and childish at the very least. Whether he'll admit it or not, I'm sure he has a grudge against the Ticats for throwing him over in favour of a younger QB and he certainly took full advantage to cast a bad light on one of our character players when he had the opportunity.

WOW - you said it so well.

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[b]? @scratchingpost

BREAKING: #Ticats QB Jeff Mathews has been added to the one-game injured list & won’t play Saturday vs. #Redblacks. #CFL[/b]

Wasn't a helmet to helmet hit, and Mathews put himself in the position to be hit by his throwing action putting him off balance and his head dropped. Hinds helmet glanced , most impact was his shoulder pads. There was nothing dirty about the hit, there was no intent to injure and there shouldn't have been a penalty called, it just looked worse because his play cards went flying. It's unfortunate that Mathews sustained a concussion, it happens when players heads hit the turf as well.

The overall outcome from both that hit, and the one on Burris is that the already flag happy officials will be even worse on Saturday.

Photo1 disagree, your a Redblack fan and understandable that you would misrepresent a call in that manner but the official was right there and he saw a rough hit on Mathews and called it that way.

The Redblak defensive player Hinds helmet did make contact if ever so slightly with Mathews helmet, but the players arm made much more of a hit on Mathews and the fact that the ottawa player used his upper body to strike a blow to the upper body of Mathews makes Hinds 100% guilty and should haves a target painted on his back as well to go along with Hank the Crank or aka Mr. Untouchable!!

Hinds should be fined by the CFL for the illegal penalized hit on Mathews.

Concussions are serious in sports and in life you sound by your comments photo1 to know that all too well by now??


I say we all chip in a few bucks for a case of pacifiers to be mailed to:

Ottawa Redblacks Football Club
Attn: Henry Burris

BIGCAT, even by what you said Hinds used his upper body to hit Mathews upper body, nothing wrong with that. I have said all along that Hinds helmet did glance Mathews helmet. My guess is that the official was already holding his flag waiting for any kind of contact on Mathews, it still wasn’t a malicious full helmet to helmet hit and there was no intent. I would have been the first to call Hinds out on that, or any player for that matter. It was a matter of Mathews body movements while throwing that put everything into play. I do know all too well about the impact of concussions, I’ve been around the CFL for over 4 decades and am in contact with many former players from around the league, watching the downturns of their lives due to concussions is tragic. Like I said if it had of been a straight up helmet to helmet I would be the first to call Hinds out on it.

If he didn't hit his head, then how did he get a concussion?

Thanks Mike! :smiley: I've always liked Burris but rants like his are making it much more difficult for me to continue to like and respect him.


Really? Want to reconsider that statement?

[b]Article 4 – Roughing The Passer[/b] [u]Because the act of passing puts the passer in a particularly vulnerable position to injury, special rules against roughing the passer apply.[/u] Once the ball is released, defensive players must avoid all unnecessary contact with the passer. A player shall be penalized for any act of Unnecessary Roughness to the passer, including but not limited to: (b) Any blow above the passer’s shoulder, (f) Contacting the passer if either the initial source of contact, or primary source of contact, is the defender’s helmet.
Of course Mathews put himself in a vulnerable position - he had just thrown the ball - which is why there are rules in place to prevent this type of hit. And based on the picture I posted above, it is clear that the initial source of contact was Hinds' helmet, AND it resulted in a blow to Mathews' facemask, which is above the shoulders.

And even if you deny that there was helmet contact, and I'm not sure how you can, it was definitely not a legal hit as it was very late. In this picture, you can see the ball is well away, and there are still a couple of yards between the players. Lots of opportunity to stop.


Sure - blame the victim for the injury. The same people said the same thing last year when Willis KO'd Collaros. I find your comments disgusting. This is an injury that can affect a player's frickin' LIFE!!! Your comments are no better than the firefighter that blamed a tow truck driver for his own death, or those who blame an assault victim for the clothing he/she wears.

Thanks for posting. That was exactly what I wanted to see. While it is difficult for players coming at top speed to stop on a dime, Hinds certainly could have changed his direction to make contact as minimal as possible, or possibly avoid contact altogether. It's appears from those pics that he made no attempt to avoid contact, so it certainly leaves me wondering about his intentions!

You want to post the entire video. All this shows is a split second gap between a player running and a ball being thrown, the duration between the ball leaving his hand and him getting hit is likely less than 100th of a second. Show me the video and if he lead with his helmet I'll admit I was incorrect.

Are you really serious with your intelligent comments. I don’t believe that I attacked you personally with comments, I stated my opinion on the play that I saw. I thought this was a football forum that made comments based on football, not some childish personal attack. The whole play happened in split seconds, looking at still photos doesn’t show time, it doesn’t show distance travelled at what speed. Hinds was in full stride, Mathews was hit in the upper chest with the helmet, Hinds has his hands in front of him and on Mathews chest. That’s what I see. Mathews will be ready for the first playoff game. It’s not a helmet to helmet hit, which is what everyone keeping going on about.

The entire game is on the TSN site (http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/cfl-week-19-redblacks-vs-tiger-cats~733647), but I have no idea how to post a clip of that one play from it. Maybe someone can tell me how, or post the clip themselves.

From my watching of the play, he definitely had time to avoid or at least minimize the impact, and he definitely led with his helmet.