TiCats practice update

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 9m9 minutes ago
#Ticats WR @andyfantuz in full practice gear. Remains to be seen if he’s all the way back from hamstring injury.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 12m12 minutes ago
They told #Ticats DT @BryanHall95 practice was inside but he decided he liked the ninja look. #CFL

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 23m23 minutes ago
With Delone Carter gone, look for the #Ticats to go with @Nic_Grigsby5 & @MossisMadu at RB vs. #Als. No @CJ_Gable at practice today.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 15m15 minutes ago
Word is RB @DeloneCarter decided not to return to #Ticats after bye week. Combination of personal & football reasons.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 19m19 minutes ago
#Ticats WR @andyfantuz not with first team offence, doing work on the sidelines with trainer. Not 100 per cent yet.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 9m9 minutes ago
This is an extra day of practice for #Ticats so @andyfantuz could still be ready for #Als on Sunday. But it’s no sure thing.

MAGIC is back!! hell yah :rockin: :rockin:

Magic Madu and the Great Grigsby FTW

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 33m33 minutes ago
#Ticats HC/GM Kent Austin says Fantuz did participate in 1st team reps during closed practice,but Fantuz still needs medical clearance

Jacqueline Doorey ?@jackydoorey 2h2 hours ago
Kent Austin says playing Andy Fantuz in the Eastern Final could be a game day decision

Sounds like some good news. Let's hope Andy is 100% cleared by the medical staff, I wouldn't want to see him do some more serious damage. It must be driving him nuts not being able to play in these final games and let's hope he doesn't have to sit out for both.

Dont get me wrong I like Fantuz but after sitting out and hes still not 100% who do you pull out of the line up to insert him. Hamstrings are really a tough injury just one wrong tweek and hes sitting the rest of the game out. I dont think we should be taking a chance with such an important game. Can we fit him in as a back up and work him in?

There is the risk of Fantuz aggravating the injury and not being available should the team advance to the Grey Cup (I think they will but the game has to be played!). I think that having him healthy for the GC would be more important. The team has managed without him and has a plan in place if he can’t play. I suspect Coates sits out but what happens if Andy can’t play the whole game? Then there would have to be adjustments to account for the ratio.

I don't know much about ratios and who will sit but I do know this, with Fantuz on the field, he will command a lot of attention and that will leave the likes of Tasker, Giguere, Sinkfield, and Grant with more chance of drawing single coverage and getting open for long gains. Having Andy on the field will give the Larks something extra to think about to throw them off their game. He doesn't often get his number called anyway, but just to have him on the field is enough.

If Fantuz dresses/starts, Coates dresses & backs up. It's Aprile that would be left off the 44 man roster. If Andy can't play the whole game, Coates steps in. If Andy doesn't dress, Coates dresses/starts & Aprile dresses/backs up.

That's my take/opinion.

What's the cut-off for the release of the depth chart?

Don't know for sure but I thought I saw a tweet from Drew (or some information) that Fantuz could be a game time decision which means that he would likely be put on the depth chart and be one of the two scratches if he is unable to play.

Agree with that!

@Fender Guy - Forgot that Coates would be backing up and Aprile would e off the roster. :oops: Thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

"Teams must declare their 46-man roster and depth chart 24 hours before game time and 44-man roster and 2-man reserve list (scratch 2 players) 1 hour prior to game time."