TiCats practice update vrs Redblacks

From Drew Edwards
[i][b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Zach Collaros is not on the field at Ticats practice this morning.

Back up quarterback Jeremiah Masoli is running the first team offence.

Monday is Hamilton’s first practice since the Oct. 1 loss to Calgary that saw Collaros miss the second half with what sources say was a head injury.

Masoli has experience filling in for Collaros. He led the team to the East Final last season after Collaros went down with a knee injury and had a 3-3 record in six starts this season as Collaros finished his recovery. Masoli has just over 2,000 yards passing with a 68.7 per cent completion percentage with nine touchdowns against eight interceptions.

The Ticats face the Ottawa Redblacks this Friday in the first of a home-and-home set that will go a long way to determining the outcome of the East Division.[/b][/i]

Kayla-Marie Williams ?@kaylamarieTO 3m3 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats QB Zach Collaros ruled out for Friday's game vs. OTT, remains in concussion protocol. Jeremiah Masoli will start for Hamilton. #CFL

Kayla-Marie Williams ?@kaylamarieTO 2m2 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario
#Ticats Luke Tasker is also ruled out for Friday vs. OTT. #CFL

And this from OTT

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 34m34 minutes ago Ottawa, Ontario
Looks like Henry Burris is taking 1st team reps again. #RNation #CFL

AJ Jakubec ?@AJonSports 1m1 minute ago Ottawa, Ontario
No Chris Williams or Ernest Jackson. Khalil Paden and John Harris in their place. Arnaud Gascon-Nadon also back from injury. #CFL #RNation

I'm still peeved about the Stamps Hughes hit that's taken Collaros out, for who know how long.

The League in it's infinite stupidity and questionable compentence or neutrality fines TiCat's Smith for a less vicious hit on BLM yet accepts Hughes picking up Collaros, taking 2 steps then driving him into the turf. No penalty at the time, no fine or follow up consequences.

What little credibility the League may have had is now in the negative :thdn:

Drew also reported that Williams is done for the year with a torn ACL.

Glad to see Ti-Cats bringing in a couple of big O-Lineman this team needs to give Collaros or Masoli the protection and time to find the receivers and yet open the holes for the running backs. This is a great time to retool the line, bring in some new blood and get in the practice time before Ottawa comes to town.


Post practice, Austin confirms that, along with Collaros and Herbert (who has already been moved to the 1-Game Injured List), Tasker will not play this week.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/10/ticats-quarterback-zach-collaros-fridays-game-vs-redblacks/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/10/ticat ... redblacks/[/url]

I was hoping that Olsen might be back. Pete returned from the same injury in about a year - albeit to play STs (I think) in the playoffs (2014) - not to start. Olsen has been out for close to 13 months (same game as Collaros - week 12 last season). I suspect that may be what prompted the move to get Fulton. Obviously he isn't even practicing or I'm sure Drew would have mentioned it.

During that game in which CW got injured, I remember someone suspecting that his injury was a torn ACL. And now that we know that's what it is, I suppose he might also miss at least the first few games of the 2017 season.

And Jackson might not play either? That would make it easier on our defence, although I can still see our D getting burned anyway. Of course, what I'd like to see is the Ticat D make it so that Burris will need to be replaced by Harris, then see them make Harris not look good, keeping that "QB controversy" going.

Looks like we may have lost another starter:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats tackle Jeremy Lewis not on field. Was hurt Monday. #CFL

This is getting truly pathetic now. We need to spend beyond the salary cap and buy ourselves a team.
Hard to go watch another home game loss.

I wonder if there is a stat for % of the injured list that was injured somewhere other than actual games.

"Other" would mainly be practice - and we surely must have the most brutal practices in the league - but I would also include game warm-ups (Atkinson), bike rides, Play Station injuries, locker-room showers, kitchen fires and whatever the heck else is knocking out our players in between the games.

Add Hickman (or Norwood, can't really remember) slicing his calf open for 20 stitches on a door in his house during the season. The Ti-Cats haven't been practicing with pads all season (I remember an interview with Austin where he mentioned this) so it seems as if they are doing everything possible to prevent injuries during the week.

And Day 3 sees another starter injured -- Adrian Tracy, taken out of practice. It's not immediately thought to be serious, according to Coach Austin, who spoke while awaiting an update from the training staff.

Shane Herbert, who was put on the single game injured list on Monday, was moved to the 6-Game injured list on Tuesday. (ticats.ca/roster & cfl.ca/transactions)


So both Lewis and Tracy get injured this week? Quite a coincidence that this team acquires an OT and a DE, then players at those positions get injured. Well, it looks like the newly-acquired Fulton and Capiccotti will be starting against Ottawa on Friday night according to what it says here: http://3downnation.com/2016/10/12/updat ... redblacks/

In that article, it says Lewis is likely done for the year.

But there is some good news mentioned in that article: Gable will be back.

It is also mention that Raymond will be the starting SAM LB. Not surprising, considering that Sermons was just released.

Something else interesting was mentioned in that article: Atkinson may be replacing Nevis at DT.

That's more a ratio safeguard rather than a performance issue as there is no national backup for Daly with both Langa and Landry injured - although I'm not sure which one would be the backup if healthy. Given the recent rash of injuries, KA is taking no chances that he'll have to do a lot of roster juggling should there be injuries during the game. Here's hoping that with the extra week's rest, players will be a little less susceptible to injury.