TiCats Practice update @ MTL

go away troll

banks has done nothing as a receiver

Other than occasionally drawing double coverage - one to cover the pass, and the other to try to slow him down in case he does catch a pass. Can't say it happens every time he goes out for a pass, but I have noticed it a few times.

CJ and Andy taking 1st team reps ?

Don't tell that to Elimimian. While the bruises have healed from the play where Banks ran right over him en route to the end zone, his ego still bears the wound.

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#Ticats of note who are practicing: OL @Rbomben, WR @andyfantuz, DB @CButler28, RB @CJ_Gable. #CFL

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#Ticats not practicing fully today: WRs @BGrant84 & @TToliver80, DB @TheCStephen, OL @jfig305. #CFL

Along with Toliver and Grant, Stephen and Figueroa are also reported as "not practising" today and the latter two are greater concerns, IMO, if they can't go in MTL.


that's gold Jerry, gold!

Stephen as well sitting out? grrr

Look who is practicing: Bomben, Butler, Fantuz, and Gable. It will be great to get Bomben, Fantuz and Gable back against the AllWets. Also glad to see Butler is a go as well.


The combination of Stephen possibly having to sit, two of our import receivers being doubtful, and perhaps wanting to dress Ford to back up Gable whose durability is uncertain, might lead to both Fantuz and Aprile in the starting line-up.

there has to be a better way.


Start Ford. He was more than adequate last game, both running and blocking, not to mention 3 catches.

Displaced, Woodson would have to start over Gable/Ford than.. no thanks

Start Woodson at RB.
Start Daily at S
Butler can move to SLB
Harris can move to CB

leave the defence alone, hands off :wink:

id rather see Aprile start than have CJ or Ford sit

They did this earlier in the season when Stephen was hurt. Daly came in and played safety, while Butler played strong side linebacker. The defence didn't miss a beat when they did this. Plus Woodson played well when he saw game action. He deserves a chance to at least start a game.

not concerned about the defence. they are killers.
I respectfully disagree with you on Woodson, deserves may be a bit strong. I like him but start over CJ… pass

The defence can stay as-is, Woodson played SB when Durie was injured last season. My suggestion is to start him at WR over Aprile. At least we know that he can catch a pass that hits him in the hands...