Ticats practice update @ CGY

Tasker? Sorry, brain fart

Sure wish those tweets would print out

What the heck is Breaux’s injury? I have searched online everywhere but cannot find any specific explanation.

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Great info Grover, looks like Sutton may get some playing time. He will be put to the test on the tripe out west. ::slight_smile:

I have been asking the same question for weeks…and no answer. He got beat pretty badly by Shaq Evans in the Sask game and has been on the shelf since.

I would think they just don’t want anybody to know what his injury is.


I remember the week before the Sask game there was a report of him getting hurt in practice. He tweeted that he was fine but then got beat big time in the Sask game. I think it was his back but not 100%sure.

I was thinking the same thing. I thought I had heard that as well. Hopefully its nothing serious, especially considering his history. Very inspirational player.

Sometimes you have to protect the player from himself.

Nice video Grover. Looks like the Cats are anxious to get back to work and finish what they started. This team is showing a lot of character. :slight_smile:

8)New DE, Yurik Bethune, 6’4, 210lbs ?? LOL ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I think he will be trying out at Linebacker at that weight !!

It might have been a misprint? Earlier in the year he signed with the Atlanta Falcons at 210 lbs but he is listed as a linebacker.

In 2018 he played for Alabama A&M and notched 50 tackles and 9.5 sacks.

Wherever they put him he seems to know how to get to the QB.

He certainly has the height for DE but one would think that he is at the very least 25 to 35 lbs light in the weight department for the position . I can’t imagine a guy of his size going up against O.Tackles that on average would probably outweigh him by as much as 100 lbs or more . :o

Looks like Luke is still “hamstrung:”

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Luke Tasker unlikely to play against the Stamps. #CFL #Ticats

When this team finally gets healthy we will take the league by storm.