Ticats practice update @ BC

Well, one thing is certain, Laurent will be the game day scratch. Cameron Marshall will get a lot of work at running back as they can do various switches to get an import in the backfield (eg. Okafor in for Palmer, Ungerer in for Acklin, Coombs or Kalinic in for any of the slotbacks).

According to the depth chart, Palmer is starting at left tackle . I completely missed Tasker . Wow ! We could be in trouble unless our running game steps up big time .

I guess Evans will be holding for field goals . Suddenly the BC game doesn’t look so easy . :frowning:

Pat Lynch ( the man up in years)

Does Shorthill have to play weak side behind Simoni? Can he not play middle? And Tuggle sits. Can Adeleke play half and Daly safety? And one of the American D-halfbacks sits. I really want Cameron Marshall playing this game. Evans needs a hard runner and some protection in the backfield.

I wonder what the reasoning was behind deactivating Tucker and replacing him on the active with Jalin Marshall ? Tucker who has been terrific on specials and reliable and effective in a support role when called upon on offence so far this season has been placed on the PR for this one . Tucker up until now had dressed for all 9 gms so far this year and one would think that he would’ve got the call to replace Tasker in the starting lineup over Marshall who is only dressing for the 3rd time this season .

I’m sure that there must be a logical reason behind this roster move , and believe me I’m not second guessing our coaching staff , I just find it curious is all . Perhaps Tucker is a little dinged up with a minor injury but if that is the case then why not a spot on the 1 gm IL instead of a move to the PR where we stand the risk of exposing and possibly losing him to a waiver wire pickup by another team ?

I’m thinking Ungerer in Tasker’s spot and C. Marshall starting @ RB.

Without Tasker out, we will need to find another receiver to completely ignore until the third quarter. Hopefully J Marshall is up to the Task.

Whats wrong with Tasker?

I’m wondering about Tasker too. I watched most of Wednesdays practice and he was taking full reps and looked good!

I was hoping they would find a way to start Nick Shortill to keep the ratio a little more balanced. There’s going to be a lot of juggling on offense, Orlondo doesn’t seem concerned though.

The coach was questioned about it (@ the 3:42 mark) in his post practice Q & A session. Tasker left practice late, but before it was over. The coach, while not having spoken to any colleagues about it, expected Tasker would be OK to make the trip and play in BC.


Even if he was concerned he wouldn’t let us know that.

He missed most of last week with Dean I believe filling in and I don’t think there was a big drop off.

From what I heard, he left the last practice a bit early - must have tweaked something. I agree with an earlier poster here (and have also thought the same thing) that players are often sitting out a week or two with minor injuries that they might have played through before. Much better to not aggravate something that might not be serious but could be if the player tried to play through. Shows the depth of the team and the confidence that the coaches have with the replacement players. Really haven’t seen much drop off - if any - when some of our key starters are out.

Steinauer has been in the league long enough to be able to figure out creative ways to use the ratio as we’ve seen on more than one occasion this year. Credit to Drew Allemang who does such a GREAT job of scouting our national talent because we have been able to start up to 9 nationals at times and still play well. And the beauty of that is not having to worry about juggling too much if a national goes down with injury.

Speedy B and Addison will get most of the passes as usual. I would like to see Acklin get used more and have a breakout game. He reminds me of a young Ellingson when he was here.

It was actually 2nd year man Canadian Brett Wade who filled in last game when Big Teddy went down with his injury . Wade did a very adequate job filling in for Laurent and there wasn’t any noticeable drop off in the line play with Wade in there in the middle alongside Wynn .

It just further shows just how well this team has drafted in recent years and has stockpiled some of the best (if not the best) depth in Canadian talent in the league .

As for the ratio , the team could start Wade at one of the inside spots replacing Teddy with Dean rotating in on the other tackle position spelling off Wynn when needed . This is the beauty of how Coach O has set up the game day roster this season . There is a lot of options for moving players in and out of rotation without a lot of juggling needed in personnel and minimal drop off if any in talent and production .

Ex- Ticat and Lion Darren Flutie is going on the Wall of Honour at BC Place tonight.
Also Geroy Simon

Darren Flutie and Luke Tasker, similar in so many ways