Ticats practice update @ BC

Nikola Kalinic FB was on the 6 game injury list . If he’s practising, then he must be off the list . Mathews was on the 1 game list and that is indeed good news to see him on the field .

Pat Lynch ( hoping that Teddy can go on Saturday)

Related to Kalinic practising (?):

The club released 2 players today, including Cameron Walker who was on the Defensive Active Roster for 6 games and then on the offensive chart, in Kalinic’s spot, for the past 2 games.


Anyone hear anything about Breaux, will he be back? Laurent may hurt if he doesn’t make the trip.

Breaux is on the 6 game

Confirming that Kalinic has been activated, off the 6-game injured list, and that INT WR Justin Sumpter, released from the PR last week, is back on it. The Sumpter case is the same as what was done with INT DB Maurice Carnell the week before – released because the PR was at its maximum, then within days, re-signed to the PR
Source: https://www.cfl.ca/transactions/

It doesn’t look like Laurent will play in BC. :frowning:

If we’re going to not have Big Ted, I’d rather it be against one of the crappier teams in the league. We’ll need him for the stretch run & playoffs. Still sucks though.

Ryker Matthews will not play vrs BC

Feels a lot like we’re making guys take a game off to heal up when they may have played through in previous seasons.

I don’t think this is a bad idea at all.

It gives backups lots of game experience and it’s making it more likely the team will be closer to full health come playoff time. The way things are going, our playoffs will consist of two games where everyone is going to be able to give their all, feeling healthy.

Load management. Nobody wants a Kevin Durant repeat.

So, it sounds like it’ll be Laurent and Mauldin coming off the active roster, replaced by Kalinic and Dean. Then, somebody else will be added, with Walker gone. Is Langa ready? And, if these moves are correct, who’ll be the Reserve? Beverette? Or, perhaps Moore, although I thought he was ST standout in his debut last week.

Load management - Kawhi has forever changed the landscape for contact terms and conditions.

Here’s how we line up tomorrow

Tasker, Ryker Mathews and Mauldin on 1 game I/L

OK, so absence of Laurent means C Marshall has to be a backup, and can only come in if one of the INT receivers comes out?

Which would probably be Acklin or the other Marshall?

Marshall comes off when Marshall comes in?

If Kalinic and Coombs are on, then we have 8 Canadians . No problem. I am amazed at just how complicated the ratio balance can be, especially for the coaches . Some teams have a “Get back coach” to ensure that there are no sideline encroachments . I wonder if we have a “Ratio coach” ?

You have to love the challenges involved in coaching in the CFL .

Pat Lynch ( the no longer young man )

Post, on Tasker being out, eliminated. I missed seeing that report in earlier posts.

We’re dead without Big Ted :’( :’(