TiCats practice for SSK

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#TIcats not practicing today: LB @Simoni_Lawrence, DT @tedlaurent, WR @andyfantuz @BGrant84. None ruled out for Sunday vs. #Riders though.

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There is some good #TIcats injury news: RBs @CJ_Gable & Anthony Woodson, DBs @Mr513RicoMurray & @TheCStephen back practicing. #CFL

Gable, Woodson, Murray and Stephen back in the lineup is HUGE news. Also heard that Norwood will be back.

Gable, Woodson, Murray, Stephen may be back practicing but are still listed on the 1 game injured so I don't believe that they can play this week. Norwood is on the 6 game so he definately can't play.

Norwood did tweet this yesterday:

c Norwood ? @ENorwood40 Can't wait to play next Sunday, been gone for a minute but I'm back in town Retweeted by Drew Edwards

Who are these guys anyway? After last Thursday, Rod Black led me to believe Rakeem Cato is the only player in CFL history ever worth mentioning? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see these guys back :thup:

Let your voice be heard...Facebook... "ROD BLACK SUCKS AS A CFL COMMENTATOR" ...check it out. :wink:

Ticats' Dyakowski was ready for the ribbing after five infractions

By Drew Edwards
[b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard Pete Dya kowski was called for illegal procedure five times in last Thursday's loss to the Montreal Alouettes and his teammates aren't inclined to let him forget it.

"Everyone is joking that I've officially lost my Canada's Smartest Person title," said Dyakowski, who is also co-owner of an Oxford Learning Centre tutoring business." Or it's 'what are you doing running a place that is teaching kids how to count?'"

If his fellow Ticats may have a sense of humour about his miscues, it's likely because the game film went some way to exonerating the eight-year veteran. While Dyakowski readily admits to committing two infractions, he says tape tells a different story on the other three.

"As someone who takes a lot of pride in what he does, it's embarrassing," Dyakowski said. "I'm not calling out the referees, it was just frustrating."

Ticats head coach Kent Austin backed Dyakowski, who was back at his usual spot at left guard with the first team offence at Monday's practice.

"I can't speak specifically about those calls, but I would just say that Peter has perspective that might be shared," Austin said.

But neither Austin or Dyakowski were willing to place last Thursday's loss at the feet of the officials. Hamilton turned the ball over five times and made crucial mistakes in key moments against the Alouettes.

"We had the ball in our hands a couple of times at the end with a chance to win it," Dyakowski said. "It's frustrating to leave one on the table no matter how it happens."

Nor are the Ticats the only team suffering under a sea of red flags: the CFL is averaging 27.1 penalty calls a game, up from 21.6 in 2014, while illegal procedures are up 44 per cent.

Austin, who is a member of the CFL's rules committee, said he spoke to Glen Johnson, vice-president of officiating, over the weekend.

"I think the officials are doing the best job they can do. The officials care," Austin said. "I had a good conversation with Glen the other day and I think he's doing a good job in trying to make things better."

So is Austin.

The Ticats are now 1-2 on the season and face their fourth straight road game this Sunday in Regina.

"We had an opportunity to be 3-0 — we're not, so we don't deserve to be — but a few plays would have made a difference in two games," Austin said. "It's my job as the head coach and our job as a staff to make sure we make more of those plays going forward."

For his part, Dyakowski said he'll review his pre-snap routine and then try and forget about his tough night in Montreal — assuming his teammates will let him.

"I did jump twice at the end of the day," he said. "And that's two too many."[/b]

NOTES: Monday was an extra day of practice for the Ticats — they don't play again until next Sunday — and a number of veterans sat out as a result. Linebacker Simoni Lawrence, defensive tackle Ted Laurent, receivers Andy Fantuz and Bakari Grant were all on the sidelines, though Austin said nobody has been ruled out for the game against the Riders. Running back C.J. Gable is expected back against Saskatchewan while defensive backs Rico Murray and Courtney Stephen also practised and should play

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/5743042-ticats-dyakowski-was-ready-for-the-ribbing-after-five-infractions/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/574 ... fractions/[/url]

Good to hear that C J will be back, along with the rest of the qualified off the injured list, although Gable’s timing may be off against the greenies.

I'm pulling for Hamilton to beat Saskatchewan but I think it will be difficult. The situation the Riders find themselves in should make this game extremely tough unless Chamblin has lost the team.

I think we are something like 1-12 since 2000 in Regina...sooner or later, gotta break the Molson Stadium / Taylor Field jinxes...

Take heart. Every team has at least one stadium where they absolutely can't win. My Als haven't won at B.C. Place in about 15 years, I think...

I like our chances against the melons.

Our "D" is much improved with Rico and Courtney back, SSK "D" is missing 4 of their DB's with Tristan Jackson the latest and being replaced with Suber who just signed 3 days ago and hasn't played this year under the new no contact rules for DB's.
DT Terrius George is tied with Weston Dressler for tackles with 1 tackle after 4 games! :roll:

Our Special teams are the best in the League and On Offence with Gable returning and SSK's shoddy defence we should have the Green hoarde of SSK fans turning on their team by the 3rd QTR
Weather shouldn't be a factor, it is calling for a hot and sunny Sunday

We really owe these guys a thrashing! :twisted:

Last week was supposed to be SSK's "statement" game. And did they ever. Mediocre coaching , dubious off season moves, injuries and defensive schemes are killing them,
The fact they had to pick Tisdale and now Suber off the scrap heap this soon into the season says a lot about their state of affairs.
If they manage to win it'll be because HAM still has its head up its arse.

SSucK's :wink:


That sums up the Riders this year.

They have a lot of pressure on them to win on Sunday and of course pressure on the Ticats to win in Sask, they don't want to come out of Regina with a 1 and 3 record.

Riders are in a presto cooker about to explode. Taman is throwing pasta at the walls right now trying to look busy. They signed Tisdale, Suber and now Norzil one of the PED cheating prospects Toronto cut weeks into training camp.

Lawless says if they drop this game, he wouldn't be surprised if the Board clears out Taman and get's O'Day to clean house.

Another team that needs saving and in walks our TiCats. Sask will be ready to show the world that their worth saving. God i hate these scenarios. :roll:

The year that the greenies won the grey cup, they were over the salary cap and loaded. They won it at home and had one of the best OC`s in the league (George Cortez).

Now that the team is not so loaded and the offense not so good, the GM and head coach are showing their true abilities or lack of such.

Should they continue to lose, the two could be leaving town together.

They are putting over 500 yards of offense a game! Offense is not the problem. Bad coaching and bad defense is killing them.

Very reminiscent of our year with Cortez as HC