TiCats practice for Labour Day Classic

Scott Gardner ?@Scottatthespec 15m15 minutes ago
A hot Bakari Grant works out during a very humid Ticats practice today

He could be close to starting

Scott Gardner ?@Scottatthespec 19m19 minutes ago
#Ticats QB Zach Collaros at practice today

Scott Gardner ?@Scottatthespec 22m22 minutes ago
Pete Dyakowski runs the ladder at Tim Hortons Field during #Ticats practice

He will play, I wonder about Bomben?

Scott Gardner ?@Scottatthespec 23m23 minutes ago
Justin Medlock works on his punting during a steamy Ticats practice today

Practicing punting, means no to the beard!

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 7m7 minutes ago
Brandon Banks just went down hard on his right shoulder in practice. Training staff is looking at him closely #Ticats #CFL :expressionless:

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 3m3 minutes ago
#Ticats staff now placing ice on Brandon Banks right shoulder #CFL :expressionless: :expressionless:

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 3m3 minutes ago
Banks will speak to the media apparently. #Ticats say Banks is "fine" #CFL 8)

I guess it would be way to hot to wrap these guys in bubble wrap? Lol

TOO LATE!! Should have started wrapping them in bubble wrap during training camp! :lol: :lol:

Yeah, it's awful weather out there. Muggy as all heck from that downpour we had yesterday. Just enough rain to make Hamilton into a sauna.

Probably not too different from what is forecast for Monday's game - hot and humid.

Let's hope that with this hot and sticky weather that the team is smart on Monday and don't have the boys wearing their all black uniforms. They'll be dropping like flies from heat prostration, maybe they can wear their all whites for the game and force the Blah team to wear their dark's. I remember a home game a few years back in temperatures like this where the Cats were dressed in all blacks and by the middle of the 2nd quarter the team was totally gassed by the heat,by the time the 4th quarter started the team was totally dead and getting badly blown out by not only their opponent but from the excessive heat they where feeling.

As the home team they must wear the darker tops. Maybe it is time to resurrect the yellow jerseys. :rockin: 8)

I wondered if they might be sporting their "3rd" jerseys on Monday as they did last Labour Day.

No they don't. A couple of weeks ago the Alouettes wore their white jerseys at home. I think if both teams agree to a jersey switch, which was probably required, then the league could care less. A couple of years ago at Touchdown Atlantic in Moncton both teams (Hamilton & Calgary) wore their dark jerseys and it just looked weird.


I'm gonna wager the Grey jersey's are going to make an appearance.

Wow, who is healthy and who is not on this team?

Grover, Can't wait to see the depth chart or the shallow chart in this case for the Arblows Classic on Monday.


Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 22s23 seconds ago
Both #Ticats starting guards @Rbomben & @PeterDyakowski are practicing today. So is DE Justin Hickman. #CFL :thup: :rockin:

To Everyone : About Uniforms Home teams MUST submit to the CFL what Jerseys they will use in witch game before the Season Opens, they can pick Black White or Signature for any home game , for those who attend practice all you need to do is Look at the Pants Medlock is wearing, and in these pictures he is wearing Signature Pants so these will be Mondays Uniforms :slight_smile:

And, down the road (QEW), I think their uniform choice is likely signalled by what helmets they wear at practice. This week, it's been their white ones so I think we can expect the Signature suits on both sides, just like the first Labour Day game at THF.