Ticats positional battles

I have been going to the procatices and will offer my opinion on who is making a move to make the team

A few import receivers have looked good that could also be used as a kick returner in order :

Burl Toler , Reggie Fish , Ed Berry --( I also think Damon Mcdaniel has looked good but I don't think he has a good enough track record)

Maurice Mann has looked amazing

I am very concerned about Darryl Adams reitirement as there is no real run stuffing DT in camp . I don't think Bolden is good enough. Hopefully Obie grabs a free agent or castoff . DE Jason Vegas has looked good and he had a greta college career.

A few DB's have stood out for me ...Wil heyward and Rodney VAN .

At QB , I have noticed both Trafalis and Porter have not looked good abd Boltus has

At RB ..Summers has looked good and Calhoun has not but calhoun has a great track record .

if I were a betting man , I'd say the new players that will stick around either on the roster or practice roster are :

Toler , Berry , Summers, Vegas. Van

What do you mean by "track record"?

By track record I mean how well they did in college and if it was a big school etc . Also , if they spent anytime in the NFL or other league

Don't go by big school vs smaller school or nfl experience...go by how good they stack up against the competition here. A lot of times there is a lot of politics involved in big school signings and nfl drafted players. :cowboy:

QB Trafalis still lacks playing time and will take some more time to get ready. Porter? No surprise to me that he still is sub par, along with his other short comings I don’t think he can handle the pressure.

Damon McDaniel has a pretty good track record; he did go to Florida State. He later transferred, but he still got a scholarship to play for Bobby Bowden. In my books, that's a pretty solid track record.