Ticats, Posey agree to contract extension

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Friday that the team signed American wide receiver DeVier Posey.

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Wow the Posey signing comes as a surprise since they signed Addison back along with Acklin, Banks,Tucker, and Marshall. I am not sure that I have seen a better receiving corps with the Ticats. The may be set on going with a national running back with Maleek Irons and Thomas Ellington and then 5 import receivers in Banks, Addison, Posey, Acklin, and Tucker / Marshall. With Posey's experience, big game ability and familiarity with Tommy Condells offence excited me greatly. I would like to see them sign a Sam linebacker hopefully Levels of maybe Rico. Otherwise they could pursue Ackie ? I wonder about middle linebacker Larry Dean ? One would think getting Dean and Levels signed is higher priority than signing Posey .
Makes me think Dean and Levels are asking for more than last year . The could also be looking at a ratio change and sign Ackie at Sam with Adeleke as a backup and Stephen and Daily as backups at safety. I heard the cats could be looking at Soli at MLB .that could cost a lot though. Also, they could be looking at a ratio change at MLB with Muamba still out there. Chris Frey could be targeted at getting a shot at mlb as well but I don't see many good backup mlbs on their roster unless they think Beverette can play there or move Simoni over to mlb if there is an injury to Frey and put Beverette at Wil. The fact that the Ticats signed Posey gives me the gut feeling that they plan to go with 5 American receivers and might be eyeing a free agent National linebacker like Ackie, Judge or Muamba. Then they would have 8 starting nationals though instead of the minimum 7 . 3 on defence and 5 on offence. Having one additional starting national could help in situations like allowing Don Jackson on the field with 5 American receivers occasionally or have the option of dressing two import offensive tackles if Van Zeyl gets injured or add an extra American DB like Rico in 2knd and long situations and give Teddy a rest. They could also be looking at Van Zeyl and Laurent and be thinking this might be both their last years? A d they could be looking at a ratio change maybe Ackie/ Adeleke at Sam or Muamba at MLB. No matter how things go , we must be getting close to the cap ceiling ? Additionally, they could be looking at signing an American kicker and with the extra starting national they could still dress the same amount of Americans like Rico, Beverette, Don Jackson, Frey , Mauldin for special teams and situational play. It should be very interesting to see what the Ticats do at SAM and MLB.

This is a very solid signing by the Hamilton Tiger Cats. DeVier Posey can stretch the field at any time. The Cats receiving group looks pretty solid in 2021, have a healthy and productive season DeVier !

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