Ticats Please Win one!

My friend the Argo Fan is driving me nuts this is what I have to put up with on a daily basis! :frowning:

Ticats so bad Bishop can beat them left-handed HAMILTON (CP) -

Citing the known fact that a bunch of children can beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Toronto Argonauts told Michael Bishop to start practicing throwing left handed to get accustomed to the new throwing motion and he will start the next Hamilton game regardless of the status of his broken right wrist. The Double Blue figure if he can throw the ball 80 yards right-handed, then he may be able to throw the ball 20-25 yards left-handed.
"We feel that if Hamilton can start a quarterback who can only throw the ball 18 yards, that's if he gets off a real good throw, anyway, we can certainly give Michael Bishop the opportunity to compete", said Argos offensive coordinator Steve Burrato. Head coach, Pinball Clemons said "It's Steve's decision, if he feels Hamilton is a joke, then a joke's a joke".

A policeman caught a fan climbing the wall of Ivor Wynne Stadium
He made him go back and watch the rest of the game.


Its beginning to look like thats about all we can hope for is one win,as in 1-17,could be a record,only team to have a second one win season in history of C.F.L. I mean really whats our record over the last 75 games???? answer 19 wins,55 losses,1 tie,unbelievable!!!!!!! Seems like a century has passed since the 99 GREY CUP.

It hurts my heart. :frowning:

It's really sad that fans have to beg and plead for a team to just win a game rather than watching the team actually compete for the play-offs.

attendance has been great over the past 4 years. I just hope we can get a playoff game at Ivor wynne. It would be a nice reward for the fans.