Ticats Partner With UFC Athlete Mark Hominick

The Tiger Cats are sponsoring Canadian MMA Fighter Hominick at UFC129... nicely done guys!!


Tom Wright and Bob are pals. Saw this one coming.

Hope his opponent is wearing Blew team gear.

MMA is nothing but Legal Human Cock Fight

Not a Fan

Way too violent for my taste.

The Ticats have a history of varied partnerships with other sports 8)


Genius move. Stick Black and Gold in the heart of Toronto's biggest sporting event.

Cheering for our four Canadians :thup:

The thing that cracks me up is this originated as "Ultimate Fighting" between different styles with minimal rules, but due to rule changes to make it less dangerous and easier sanction and market, it is now dominated by a style that calls for you to expose your groin to your opponent if you get taken to the ground. :lol:

This "sport" isn't my cup of tea either. It's more wrestling than martial arts. I've seen bar fights devolve into this style.

It would have been interesting to have had this guy on our side when battling with Fast Freddy.

Too violent? How many hundred times have we seen a football player or a hockey player taken off on a stretcher? A cut over your eye during an MMA fight or a cut on your forehead that is bleeding may LOOK bad but cuts heal. After a few stitches you recover 100%. No long term damage.

The long term and career ending injuries are MUCH greater in football and hockey compared to MMA. It's night and day.
I've been watching MMA for a long time and I've NEVER seen a UFC fighter taken off on a strecher.

Did you see the Max Pacioretty hit? THAT'S VIOLENT. He broke his vertebrae. That's life threatening.
I'd rather take a punch in the face from a MMA fighter who's wearing a padded glove and in my weight class than a helmet to helmet hit from a 250 lb linebacker who can sprint at an Olympic qualifying times.

I always shake my when the same people who cheer a hockey fight or big hit in football are the same people who say MMA is too violent without knowing anything about the sport or any facts.

Maybe I should under-line the relevant part of my statement… “Way too violent for my taste”.

ps…I don’t have to know much about MMA to come to the conclusion it’s way too violent for me. Pounding down on a guy’s face who is incapacitated until blood is squirting all over the place is not a sport in my opinion and is dangerous and sickening to watch…so I don’t (but that’s just me) 8)

It's not like that. Watch UFC 129. IMO, it's gonna be the greatest sporting event in Ontario since the 2007 Grey Cup. There's going to be 55,000 people there and it sold out instantly. Ticketmaster announced that tickets for the Toronto show were purchased by people from 10 provinces and three territories plus 48 of 50 U.S. states, as well as "every single continent across the world." - Source: TSN.

It's a real sport now and it's popular all over the world. Not just in North America. It's come a long way since the dark ages where there were no rules. It's now sanctioned by 46 of the 50 US states and all across Canada.

Who wants to take bets on how long it takes for this thread to get locked?

This UFC card in Toronto will get a LOT of media attention and coverage, which will, in turn, introduce the Ticats and Ticats.ca (which will be on the fighter's shorts) to a lot of people. The publicity is enormous.

A great advertising initiative. Whoever thought of it is earning their pay.

The Argos really should have done it.

..... as I said, no thanks (I don't care how many people go see this nonsense, it won't change my mind) Same as NASCAR racing. I have no interest in watching a bunch of grease-monkeys driving left in circles while everyone waits and hopes for some idiot to turn right....... I'll stick to real sports which actually mean something to me and celebrate actual talent instead of violence. :slight_smile:

At least we both agree Nascar sucks! LOL.

:lol: :twisted: :thup:

(good, spirited debate though) :smiley:

That's awesome! Hominick has crazy boxing skill, and is incredible technical. Jose Aldo is machine, but I don't think Hominick is going to be a pushover.

I'm not going to try to convince you to like it, and I don't find MMA all that entertaining myself, but your characterization of MMA consisting of someone pounding on an incapacitated opponent with blood spurting everywhere is untrue and unfair. Feel free not to like it and not to watch it, but as with any topic, you shouldn't try to make factual claims about it if it's something you take pride in knowing nothing about.

I do think MMA tends to be much less brutal than boxing (another popular sport that I wouldn't pay to watch :wink:).

The best reason not to like MMA is because it is often boring. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Did anyone think about how much exposure this will be for the CFL? First off, having your rival on national television and one upping the Argos is one thing that might galvanize some support for the Argos this season. Canadian MMA fans who normally aren't into CFL (paticulairly younger people of which the CFL needs to cater to) might be swayed somewhat by the sponsorship.

Most of all though, every single person who orders the PPV is going to see the Ti-Cat logo when he walks in, and if the NFL is a bust this season, what team do you think all those Football/MMA fans are going to gravitate towrds?

Awesome partnership!

Can't wait for UFC 129 and MMA night at IWS. Might we have a fight at halftime, or before or after the game? That would be great!