Ticats owner rooting for Balsillie

From today's Toronto Star:

Ticats owner rooting for Balsillie

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats' owner wants Jim Balsillie to bring the Nashville Predators to Steeltown.
"I'm pulling for Jim," software entrepreneur Bob Young said yesterday from his North Carolina office.
"The Ticats don't see having an NHL team in town as a bad thing at all and in fact, it may help us on many levels."

The wealthy businessman said there are "very practical" ways for both sports to work jointly, whether in ticket sales or marketing. Already – even though Balsillie is not yet the owner of the NHL franchise – the football and hockey parties have made contact regarding possible ventures together.
"It's only been done on a very casual level, not a senior level ... and I haven't spoken directly to Jim yet but it's on my to-do list to give him a call," Young said.

The teams would also share a landlord – the city of Hamilton in Ivor Wynne Stadium and Copps Coliseum. A Hamilton native, Young said two popular teams would bring fans dowtown year round, boosting a revitalization in the city core. It would also pump up civic pride. With seasons that don't overlap, he also believes co-existence would be painless and likely profitable.

And co-existence also means cheering each other.
"I'll say to Jim: `I'll buy season tickets for your hockey team' and I'd hold him to buying tickets for the Ticats,'' Young said. "We see this as a very good thing."

Mary Ormsby


Gee, sounds like Bob would get the short end of the stick on the season-ticket deal... lol

To be honest, I have thought that both of these individuals would see the opportunities to co-market together. It really could be a win-win for everyone. :thup:

Especially for the city of Hamilton.

These guys could help rejuvenate downtown in a way the collection of bozos at city council could not.

Guys on the FAN590 yesterday were saying that Toronto and Buffalo are the major stumblimng blocks to Balsillie's purchase of the Preds (for obvious reasons). They felt that if it was put to a vote, the majority of the owners would support the purchase but that Balsillie's problem is that it isn't just a simple vote where the majority rules. Individual teams have veto rights. Then his recourse is to go to court which is what he probably expects to do anyway. The expectation is that he'd win a court case.

An Argo-Cat fan

Individual teams that are territorially infringed under the NHL constitution do have a veto, however a subsection of that clause also states that if the NHL deems that that clause is unlawful, that the issue would be resolved by a simple majority vote of the BoG.

Therein lies the rub. The NHL can fight Balsillie in the courts to uphold a veto and likely lose...or follow the money, broker a deal, and let it happen.

Oski Wee Wee,

Who Cares it is not going to happen as Long as Gary Bruce Bettman Is Commish he is American.
He has Amerciaized This Canadian Game.
Toronto and Buffalo will Never allow this too
Balsillie Bailed on Penguins
When Bettman Stop him from Moving them
He baill on this one two..
When Bettman Stop him from Moving Them
Bettmen Still Belivies Hamilton is not a
Major Enough Market for the NHL.

Houston will get a Team 1st
Why are we not spending Money to fix IWS.
Instead of buying into a Pipe Dream.
Be Greatfull for what you have.
The Ticats and Bulldogs.

End of Story

Is that how the Devils are moving to Newark and Disney opened a team in LA?

No matter what, I think it will boil down to do the people running the NHL want Balsillie in their group despite say a couple heavy hitters like MLSE perhaps wanting him not in. I don’t know.

Am I the only one who thinks that if the Preds showed up in the Hammer, that they would get a good percentage of the 50,000 fans who are waiting in line for Leafs tickets?

In both those cases, it never got to a vote.

"Under NHL rules, a team can only move into another team's home territory with its permission. That permission comes with a hefty price tag. In the two allowed moves in recent memory, former New Jersey Devils owner John McMullen had to pay the owners of the New York Rangers and New York Islanders a total of $35-million when he moved the Colorado Rockies in 1982. When the Anaheim Ducks joined the NHL as an expansion franchise in 1993, then-Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall pocketed half the $50-million franchise fee as the price for invading his territory."

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070524.wsptshoalts24/GSStory/GlobeSportsHockey/Rangers]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... ey/Rangers[/url]

The NHL has always kept its territorial policies from legal tests, especially in the light of US antitrust decisions won by Al Davis which allowed him to move the NFL's Oakland Raiders to L.A. in 1982.

If Canadian courts were to apply US precedents in a Balsillie-led suit against those policies, I believe those by-laws would be toast.

MLSE might raise a stink, but behind the scenes the skids would be getting greased for a Hamilton relocation, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,

I still predict Ballsillie is moving a team to Kitchener. Highway 6 isn't the safest route and if you had his kind of money why would you drive an hour to see your team play? It would also be outside the fifty mile radius of both the Leafs and Sabres.

(Onknight) Houston will get a Team 1st Why are we not spending Money to fix IWS. Instead of buying into a Pipe Dream.
We are spending money on IWS. ($1.5 million) The purpose being increased safety.

I read an idea in another post that it would be great if Balsillie and Young could put their heads together and with the help of various government factions, build a complete sports centre for Hamilton.

Alas, this won't likely happen because Bettmann and company seem quite determined to keep the NHL out of Hamilton; but its a nice thought and I dare to dream.

1.5 Millon is Starting Point.
I like to see another 1.5 Milllon In Upgrades.

All in all, whether this guy is successful or not is out of the hands of us in Hamilton.......but what is vitally important is that our city never closes doors to the possibility for anything good that can happen. Just the mention of Hamilton as an option gets our city talked about all over America and gets the word out that we are indeed a player in the bigger picture......

The City of Hamilton is a corporation and being such means we have to have our presence and reputation in our competitors faces at all times......it makes good business sense to market your brand and right now, this Blackberry dude is giving us lots of free marketing at the very least.

We know we're awesome right?......well it does no good if no-one else knows we're awesome.....

Gretzky has spoken up for Hamilton lately (last week) on this NHL for Hamilton thing, now Mr. Young has.........anything from Grapes yet?

No, it's Hamilton.

  1. The lease with Hamilton is for twenty years and there is language within it that states IF Nashville were to move to southern Ontario, then Hamilton would have exclusive rights. Also, the lease agreement includes Hamilton Place, the convention centre, a parking facility and a community rink to be used as a practice facility.

  2. Heidi Balsillie (Jim's wife) is from Hamilton and has strong connections to this city.

  3. The immediate market, whether it be a half hour or one hour drive from Copps, has significantly more people to draw from than the K-W area does. Couple that with the rapid growth of this area that is imminent, Hamilton makes so much more sense. This will be marketed as a southern Ontario team, the alternative for hockey starved fans in this region.

  4. Balsillie has confirmed his committmetn to Hamilton, and all accounts from those who know him and those who have had business dealings with him say that he is a very open, honest and forthright man. He is not a bull$hitter.

I think that he will initially move the team to Hamilton, until a new stadium is built in the Cambridge area!

Actually, that is really a smart move, because he will get season's ticket holders from Kitchener and area as well as Hamilton fans. When the team moves to "new digs", he will have another season's ticket drive and will atract more from the Woodstock,London,Guelph and Brantford and all points in between.

I'm sure that with easy access off of the 401 he will even get some from Sarnia and Chatham.
It just may be profitable!

Time will tell.

Ockham wrote: I still predict Ballsillie is moving a team to Kitchener. Highway 6 isn't the safest route and if you had his kind of money why would you drive an hour to see your team play? It would also be outside the fifty mile radius of both the Leafs and Sabres.
If I had Ballsillie's money, I'd place the team in Hamilton and fly to the games there at my own leisure in my own private jet. A limo would await me at Hamilton Airport to take me to Copps Colliseum.

Speaking of Copp's Colliseum, this facility already exists and raising it's roof to accomodate boxes would be cheaper than building a new 19,000 seat facility somewhere else.