Ticats overcome early deficit to defeat Stamps

HAMILTON – Even when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are down, they’re certainly never out.

Despite trailing early, the Ticats pushed through and defeated the Calgary Stampeders 22-15 at Tim Hortons Field on Saturday night.

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After that punishing hit on Begelton, Calgary’s giant star, and his subsequent absence from the game seemed to be the beginning of the end for a Stampeder win. Hope he is well. What a beautiful day in Hamilton for a football game.

Well it’s not quite over yet playoff wise but chances are slim. One or the other will win 1 more game as they play each other in 2 weeks. IMO, neither have played well enough to be in the playoffs. I’d much rather have seen a rejuvenated Elk squad or the REDBLACKS in a crossover than either of those 2 teams. East teams are 15-12 vs the West. Ottawa is 4-4 vs West. Riders & Stamps are a combined 3-7 vs the East.

We pretty much know there’ll almost certainly be big changes in Regina barring an unlikely playoff run. Not sure what’s going on in Calgary. They strike me as being genuinely confused about the situation they’re in which makes it hard to fix.


It was a hard hit on Begelton, but that is the game of football. If Hamilton can get a consistent solid performance from one of their QBs for the balance of this season and get some of their key people healthy, they are good enough to win it all. A wishful dream I know, but they do have a decent team - now is the time for them to show it.

On a bit of a different topic - has anyone heard of what Mitchell’s status is? Is he close or still at the point of forget it?

It of course might be nice to see Edmonton in the playoffs but that won’t happen and they don’t deserve to be after an 0-9 start even if they have improved. I am happy to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in Edmonton although teams will play Ford tougher and tougher as they see more film on him and are already starting to.

It is no revelation to say that there realistically appear to be only 3 teams with a chance to win the Cup so if you are not one of those teams you are likely only playing out the string for however long it lasts. There is of course a chance that Hamilton or Montreal become the upset team Toronto was last year but I wouldn’t bet on it, barring an injury to Kelly. I see zero hope for Saskatchewan beating Winnipeg or BC in the Western Semi Final.

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Agreed the Elk are now playing much better than both the Stamps and the Riders.
Hoping for a good outing by the green this coming weekend as I scored free tickets to the game for three friends and a free bus ride to boot

You saw zero hope for the “unworthy” Argos winning the Cup last year too, Jon. How’d that work out for you? You’ve been beaten by a 1-3 Ottawa club, a 4-6 Hamilton club & a 4 win Rider club. By 3rd string QB’s. Zero hope? Sure, if you say so. That never happens to the Bombers. Your MAGA hat is in the mail, Don. Let’s not let facts get in the way.:smiley: Always a pleasure.

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I never said what you attribute to me.

This is just another one of your anti Bomber/Bomber fan posts. The post you are replying to wasn’t even pro Bomber.

And don’t ever associate me with MAGA again. Not only is that an uncalled for personal attack, if you spent more time reading on the forum you would know my position on MAGA issues which issues belong in the Lounge and have nothing to do with CFL playoff predictions.


@pantsonfire Please stop trolling @Jon or you will face discipline on the forum. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this.


You have used the “unworthy” description of the Argos win multiple times, Jon. I will apologize for the MAGA hat joke, but it is obviously meant in jest if you note where the emoji is placed.

there be certain things you just do not jest about… that is like stupid holocaust jokes at a holocaust memorial event.
No I do not think I overexaggerated the two examples of what I compared.

Once again, I do apologize - but has anyone heard the latest status report on Bo Levi Mitchell? Since this appears to be the most active site on the Tiger Cats, i am repeating my question here.

You would be much better off asking this question in a Ticat thread in the Ticat forum. There are numerous fans of your team there that are likely to have the most up to date info on Bo.

Don’t take it as gospel but from what I have read there appears to be no definitive word as to his injury status to date.

Jon - thanks for your response. However, I am not an internet/computer type at all - I have no idea of what you referred to…" a Ticat thread in the Ticat forum???" Where do I find such connections? I did look but could not find them.

The holocaust? Really.

Look, the comment to Jon was sarcasm - “the use of remarks that clearly are opposite of what the say”, If you missed it, the smiley emoji should have been a clue. Comics like Jim Carey, Billy Connolly…or, in my father’s time, Don Rickles, were experts at it.

It clearly missed the mark so my apologies. As far as the holocaust, well, I don’t believe you thought that through so let’s just drop it. Clearly not the same.

Not a problem.

Go to the hamburger menu (the three lines at the top) and press/click it. In the drop down menu click “all categories”. There is a category or sub forum for all teams. Simply click on Hamilton. You will then come to a listing of all threads on the Hamilton forum. Choose one you think appropriate and ask your question there. You might want to choose an active one with lots of posts so that as many as possible see your question. I expect it won’t take long for someone to answer you and you may very well make more posts in the Hamilton sub forum going forward as you will be amongst Hamilton fans.

If the Hamilton thread doesn’t appear when you follow the steps above, and it probably won’t, then click on “muted categories” and then all hidden threads will appear including Hamilton and then click on it. You will also
probably want to un mute Hamilton so that all Hamilton threads always appear for you.

To make things more clear, this thread is under the category “CFL News” as you can see at the top of the thread. Your Hamilton threads will say “Hamilton Tiger Cats” and be colour coded yellow. All threads are now colour coded as a result of the efforts of @GridironGirl

You can look through all of the categories and decide which ones you want to automatically appear for you in the future. Just unmute them. You will probably want “CFL Talk” to appear as that category generates the most threads and activity. You may choose “Other Sports” or “The Lounge” for example.

If you do this you can create your own “board” so to speak. You can ensure you don’t miss posts in categories you are interested in and also ensure that you aren’t bothered by posts in categories that you aren’t interested in. I have had this set up since shortly after joining the forum and I am sure others do as well, but I strongly suspect that not nearly everyone has set up or programmed their settings so that they get to see what they want only. You never have to go looking for anything that might interest you as it will always appear and you don’t have to have your board cluttered by categories that are of no interest to you such as other team sub forums. I highly recommend it. It works very well.

If you are still having problems let me know.

Jon - once again, thank you for your assistance - I finally got to where you directed me. As you guessed it - no real news on Mitchell to report, Someone suggested that there will be no announcement, he will just be there one day starting - who knows?

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