Ticats Ottawa-bound if stadium dies: Mitchell

Ticats Ottawa-bound if stadium dies: Mitchell

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be in Ottawa in two years if a deal to build a new hometown stadium falls through, says Ticat president Scott Mitchell.

In a question-and-answer session following a speech to a Hamilton Rotarian luncheon at the Art Gallery of Hamilton today, Mitchell said the Ticats are Ottawa-bound if the stadium deal dies.

Mitchell was asked if Ticat owner Bob Young was bluffing when he said he’d pull the CFL team out of Hamilton.

“I can tell you absolutely and unequivocally no,? Mitchell said. “Not only was he not bluffing about potentially moving the team to Burlington, if this stadium doesn’t get built and if project wasn’t going to come to fruition, I can pretty much guarantee you this team will be in Ottawa in 2013.?

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Better Ottawa than Burlington.

[i]So while the Tiger-Cats may have no choice but to look elsewhere if a stadium site that suits all parties cannot be found, Jeff Hunt says Ottawa is not an option.

“This isn’t the first time this has come up,? Hunt said Thursday. “We are not a candidate. We will stick with our expansion franchise.

“I hope they will find a way to make it work in Hamilton. It would be a shame to see them move, but we are committed to our expansion franchise.?[/i]

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What's changed in a month?

I guess they like Ottawa's waterfront, and urban and pedestrian friendly, no parking lot stadium.

Wished we would have thought of that.

Enough of these threats and marginalizing of Hamiltonians who have supported this team for all these years. If Katz or anyone else wants the team, then the "caretaker" should do the right thing for this community and sell the franchise or hand over the keys.

Why would you announce and continue to threaten the city this late in the process, with the city clearly trying to bend backwards and make this work? Is Mitchell trying to intentionally sabotage the process? This announcement couldn't have waited until after it's been rejected and isn't going to fly? Seriously, I really hope after this is all said and done the team seriously reconsiders Mitchell's continued employment. Every time he opens his mouth he alienates both existing and potential fans.

One gets the feeling that if Scott Mitchell is still team president at the start of this season, you're going to end up seeing 12,000 at the stadium on average....

I don't get that feeling at all, EvilDoctor. I doubt that anyone in Hamilton either buys, or refuses to buy, tickets to Tiger Cat games based on what Scott Mitchell says or doesn't say.

Whoa, is Mitchell taking a beating over at the Spec comments. People are pi$$ed

He deserves every bit of it. Lest we forget, he was in charge while the team bombed in the earlier 2000's. The only smart thing he did was hire Obie. People don't feel that you can have a team with an owner with a heart of gold and a president who spews nothing but bile. The team is generating a lot of bad PR because of Mitchell's continued lack of professionalism and brutish comments. Bob is suffering from guilt by association as a result.

Are you sure?

I thought he was hired in 2007.

Michell's timing is really out of whack for making statements, bonehead statements. He's the one that should move to Ottawa.

Well, he is playing the "bad cop" to Bob's "good cop". However, he IS overacting.

Perhaps we can get the City to throw in a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and a semester at Charm School.

How is that different from any other day? The prevailing mood in the comment section at the Spec is heavily anti-Bob Young/TiCats.

Prevalent and dominant are different. Way worse than usual.

I don't like this one bit.

I could have sworn he was around earlier then that. Regardless, he does nothing but give ammo to all of the teams detractors.

From this website

[i]Mitchell joined Bob Young’s group of companies in 2006 as the Vice President of Lulu Canada and Managing Director of MRX Associates.


Scott Mitchell was appointed as the President of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in January of 2007, bringing an impressive understanding of both business and football to the Black and Gold. [/i]

Hammer, your points are loud and clear.

Not surprising. The Spectator is still a "West Harbour is Best " rag.

Think Mitchell just makes this rubbish up on his own free will ?

It starts at the top, people . Wake up.

I couldn't agree more. I don't even know why he would bring that up at this point. What troubles me is that he is making it sound like a done deal if the stadium issue isn't resolved. What that says to me is that they have already been in discussions with the CFL about moving the team to Ottawa. Doesn't do much to support the "we want to keep the team here" song we've been hearing. I have to say that I'm really not a big Mitchell fan at all. I think Merlin nailed it with the good cop/bad cop analogy.

Ottawa would get a competitive team right off the bat -no franchise fee. The NFL moves into Toronto and the Argos move out to a CFL size stadium in the burbs, they gain 10,000 former Ticat season ticket holders - one team in Southern Ontario. We get to stay with an 8 team league.

Makes sense to me.

Just what this inferno needed - more gas.

Thanks, Bob.