Anyone catch that last night, Hage is really pumped and both parties are chirping hard, should add fuel to Labour day.
AB3 calling out Kerry Joseph, and most of all on Next Question AB3 saying that all his antics are over and his next celebration he is just going to hand the ball to the ref and walk away?...
Maybe were seeing a new side to Bruce that we'll all like without the penalties for Celebrations.
Seems like Peter and Hage were very quick to defend there QB which is great to see.
Any Comments?
Go Cats.

I"m not a big fan of his but Micheal Lansberg has beeen a big backer of the CFL in recent years :thup:

best part was when Landsberg asked Arland who would look better in a cheerleader outfit, David Cynamon or Bob Young. :stuck_out_tongue:

If ab3 is willing to put aside the antics and hand the ball the ref, wow, makes me believe we have a united team on our hands. Anything is possible!

He also said he dose not know the oskie wee we chant, someone should teach him that! Be nice to see him do that at the start of a few games!

you thought that was the bast part of the show...

what I meant was, the funniest part of Next Question.