TiCats open +4 at Toronto

Who ya got? :smiley:

Really?? I'd have thought +4 The other way :roll: .

I expect we'll be playing Banks, Owens, Chick, Laurent and such...("The Usual Suspects"!) and the interior D Line types will prove a problem for any team, and our linebackers will give an issue to any team. We are a bit weak in the D Back field at this point, but Orlando is superb, so not too worried.

Reinbold is such a nugget at ST's that you can't worry there.

The OC is a bit of a newby, and we are starting one of two second tier QB's, but should be okay, regardless. The loss of Bakari stings a bit, but we'll get past it.

If Rickie Ray gets whacked (not entirely unlikely?) Toronto becomes a very different team. They have a pretty good backup QB, but if they lose him, they are pretty naked, having flushed McFearson, who was pretty credible.

Toronto lacks a proven running back, and will probably try to air it out against anyone (Our weakness?) but a very strong rush should shut that down...it takes an incredible O Line to shut down what our D Line is capable of doing! First game of the year, I don't figure they are there just yet.

It'll be close, but I figure the Cats will pull it out.

I am heading to Toronto Thursday for the game. I will be rooting hard.
I am picking the Cats but I would bet the Argos.
4 points, home opener, back up QB, new stadium. I don't understand why we would be 4 point favs to be honest.

I'd love to see the Cats win, but with starting a backup QB in another teams home opener? +4 seems about right to me. If I were a betting man, my money would sadly be on the Argos.

This means Toronto is Favourite by 4 , Toronto is a minus 4 so they are the favourite team not Hamilton. The home team usually gets three points and in this case they added another one to make it 4 points.

Oh Grover, you are the man! Goodfellas is one of my favourite movies ever. Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) is slightly taller than Danny DeVito. Neither would be mistaken for a tight end. A neat bit of trivia is that Martin Scorsese's mother played the role of Joe Pesci's mother in the movie. :thup: :thup: :thup: Oh, by the way, the Cats win by 14.

Pat Lynch(the old movie guy)

CFL News ?@CFL_News 4m4 minutes ago
RB Henry Josey wasn’t able to practice & it’s looking more and more like @chadkackert will be activated this week - Zicarelli #CFL #Argos

Ricky Ray vs Masoli at home ,they should be +7 favourites …

Not to mention, the season opening history of the Austin coached Tiger-Cats (0-3):
2013 - Lost by 5 in Toronto, then lost by 10 against Edmonton
2014 - Lost by 11 in Regina, then lost by 4 @ Edmonton, had a bye week, and then lost again, by 3, in Calgary
2015 - Lost by 1 @ Calgary

I am sure we got our butts handed to us by more than 11 in Regina 2014. That one still stings me.
I remember first half we basically zero yardage close to half. Bad weather day and bad memories

ah yes, but then East Division Champions in 2014! (Keep the faith, baby :lol: )

Right you are, Iceman. It was 31-10, a loss by 21, not 11. They really shouldn't have excused me from math class to attend football practice.


i trust our fans will make more than enough noise to even up the home field advantage.

score fast, score often, crush their souls!

I'm thinking Ray will stick with the short game - 3 to 5 yarders, let the receiver run for a couple more. High completion rate, lots of first downs, and lots of time off the clock.

Be up to our LBs to come up big, less so the DBs. D-line not so important, Ray dumps ball so quickly. Safety blitzes effective, but high risk.

Austin philosophy is the big play, chew up big yardage, but little time off the clock. Need a big game from ST and the defence.

IMO to win, we need to sustain drives, and need to score some TDs. Should be a good one, I see TO with early lead, and then Jeramiah coming into his own. Four point difference sounds realistic, hope it is in our favour.

I seem to recall the last time it was Ray vrs Masoli that Masoli won that game. :wink:

You have to admit that each loss was by fewer points so if the pattern continues then the Ticats win by 1! :smiley:

Ah yes but Ricky apparently wasn't 100% and Medlock kicked the winner with no time left on the clock - which isn't to say that Ricky will feel 100% once our D hits him a time or two and Maher can't kick the winning FG with no time remaining to spoil the party! :wink: History COULd repeat itself! :smiley:
I've picked the Ticats - of course - but could see the blue guys pulling out the W for the home crowd - but not by much.

But, we have an advantage that the line obviously doesn't recognize.
The argossuck and we don't! :rockin:


I'll be with the Cat Claws and the score will be the same as the pre Ottawa game, I have faith in the cats . :thup:
Argos Suck!
Remember, who has Chad now.