Ticats on the all-star team?

Usually they release the conference all-star teams this week (or is it next?).

Unfortunately, I'm thinking the Tiger-Cats are only going to place one player on the team: Tay Cody. He produced stats in tackles, interceptions and fumble returns, and got noticed for his hard hitting as well.

There are a few other positions where we have an outside chance, but I wouldn't be betting the mortgage money.

  • WR (Flick): 15th in receiving yards, and most of those above him from the eastern conference are slotbacks.

  • Linebacker (Armour): 8th in tackles. But has to contend with higher-profile easterners like Eiben, Bonner, Butler, Ellis, and Simpson (do they distinguish between MLB and OLB?)

  • Offensive Line: Who knows how anyone decides this one? It seems like Toronto and Montreal had big problems with their lines this year. We could conceivably place someone, but most of our lineman missed big chunks of the season.

  • Special teams: If they go with a tackler instead of a returner (which is only fair given the way the season went), Hitchcock or Mariuz could have a chance.

  • Other positions: I just don't see it happening.

Read the topic only 1 name came to mind and you nailed it. Tay is an all star. Slim pickins after that.

yep 1 allstar. Congrats Tay!
4 teams- 27 allstars - 1 Ticat :cry: