Ticats on Off The Record Tonight

Tiger-Cats offensive linemen Marwan Hage and Peter Dyakowski will be guests on TSN's Off The Record tonight. Arland Bruce III will be featured on the 'Up Front' and 'Next Question' segments.

Tune in to TSN at 6pm tonight (encore at noon tomorrow) to check it out.

Have my reminder set on my HD BOX... Last night was funny when Neil Lumsden Ripped open Micheal Landsbergs shirt... Lol...

I disagree with the Guys about Mike Vick
I don't think he should ever be allowed to play Pro Ball again.
I am Dog Owner
I have Seen what They Did to the Dogs from Badnews Kennels.
One Female had her Ears and Teeth Removed
so they could Breed her Easy
They Attached her to Device to Force her To breed with Males
There some dogs Use as Bait dogs to make the Fighters Better
Dogs we where no use where Electrocuted or Drowned or both

There are Serial Killers who Started out Acting Cruel to Animals.
Vick IMO is no Different then Jeffery Dahmer
I hope know one ever signes him in the CFL or NFL

As dog owner I hate this man and well dance on his grave when he dies.
23 of the dogs end up here http://www.bestfriends.org/dogtown/
There show on how the Vick dogs where sent here.
and the Damage they had from Vick

[url=http://www.bestfriends.org/dogtown/index.cfm?csid=3725&csii=3782&csit=Set]http://www.bestfriends.org/dogtown/inde ... 2&csit=Set[/url]

Vick = Dahmer??? What?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Dahmer Compare. Please.

Read that as a primer into how torture states can pass stringent "animal protection laws" and still run death camps.

Cruelty IS cruelty, it's just a slippery slope to lump serial killers and in with bastids who maim animals. PEOPLE can make stands against barbarism, it's just a bonus when human life starts being valued at least as much as the cuddly animals of comfortable homes. Drums, flags, music, marching orders, secret police, gulags, organized famine, football stadia as planned detention centers: survival-of-the-fittestism. Blood for oil and fresh water. I try to get my NFL Network in so I don't have to do all that much heavy lifting during my escapism.

ONKNIGHT...your comments are disgusting. Edit your post...better still delete it.

Sorry if you where offened But I just don't like Vick and when comes to Animals
I have a soft spot for them

So do I. My dog is sleeping at my feet. Say whatever you want about the things he did to animals. Argue that he should be banned from football for life. You're entitled to your opinion. But you're way over the top with comparisons to Dalhmer, and it's simply sad for any human being to speak about tap dancing on a grave...

He deserves a second chance many others have done worse and received ample chances. Maybe he is truly sorry for what he did people make mistakes the only thing for his sake i wish he did is own up to it right of the bat.