TiCats on NFL Network

For what it's worth: TiCats' next three games are on the NFL Network.

I was at the Cleveland Browns game this past Sunday, talked a little CFL in the Dawg Pound and found out lots of these people our watching CFL for the first time on the NFL Network this year. Got more positive comments about our game from the fans there then some of what we get here, they are enjoying it and learning lots more about it. Great way of promoting our great league !!

Now if we could only get city council to watch the last three games.

that's a good look.

For anyone travelling to the states, you can also catch games that are not on the NFL network via the internet on ESPN3.COM

I was away on vacation and watched the Saskatchewan game that way.


But only if your internet provider subscribes to it! In our area of Florida we have Century Link and they don't carry ESPN3

I was just going to mention that ... not all companies carry it and even the one i am using is listed on espn3 it still comes up and says i have to contact them to add it ... then when you do you get the run around