TiCats OL Simmons traded to EDM


[b]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club announced today the team has acquired a conditional seventh round pick in the 2017 CFL Draft from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for international offensive lineman Brian Simmons.

Simmons, 30, started one game at right tackle this season for the Tiger-Cats and played 61 total games over five seasons (2011 to 2015) in Hamilton. The 6-5, 310-pound native of Raleigh, North Carolina, also suited up in six playoff games for the Tiger-Cats, including two Grey Cup appearances in 2013 and 2014.[/b]

This is the 2017 Conditional 7th pick EDM just got for Nichols yesterday from WPG

  1. Salary dump.
  2. He wasn't going to break the lineup, especially with the Ratio situation we have at the moment. He's an outstanding Guard (where we have the majority of our National talent), but our Tackles are much better than him.
  3. I wish him all the best.
  4. We could actually be getting Winnipeg's draft pick they traded for Nichols... lol

You're right on with this DCF. Simmons, as a 5-yr. veteran, would have been guaranteed full game cheques for the remainder of the season, plus playoff and Grey Cup shares, if he was still on the roster on the date of the team's 10th game (Labour Day).

Simmons for a 7th rounder ? that's it ? The team basically gave him away for nothing. You would think that they could've done better than that,Simmons was our best lineman last year and an All-Star as well even though he wasn't playing this year. Oh well, another pre-Austin Cat is jettisoned leaving now a grand total of only 5 Cats remaining from the team that Austin inherited when he got here in 2013.

I met Brian Simmons a few time, a very nice soft spoken young man and without a doubt he was one of the largest human beings I've ever met in my life. Thanks for your efforts here in the Hammer over the last 5 years Brian. Good Luck in Edmonton....but NOT when you play us in a few weeks when you and the Esks come and visit on the 19th. :slight_smile:

I'm always surprised when people have strong views on the caliber of specific O-linemen. Not saying I doubt you or disagree, just that it seems like it would not be easy for fans to assess this. Maybe I spend too much time staring at the QB or whomever has the ball.

Hadn't thought of this. I guess it explains the recent fire-sale trades, e.g. Nichols.

Are there still 5 left? I could only count about 4 including Simmons earlier in the season. I didn't include Hickman or Medlock though as they both returned after Austin took over although they were both here in 2011.
By my count we still have Fantuz, Dyakowski and Grant (Simmons was my 4th) but I certainly could be missing someone.

Anyway, sorry to see Simmons go but he wasn't playing, and it appears that Edmonton can use him. My first thought was that it depletes the OL, but Austin must be satisfied that they have enough quality depth.

You missed Mike Filer and Tim O'Neill who have both been here since 2012. So not including Hickman and Medlock the 5 survivors of the thankfully short lived Cortez era(2012) are indeed Fantuz,Dyakowski,Grant,Filer and O'Neill. Now if we want to talk about the Bellefeuille era of 2009 to 2011 that would be 4 players left from that era those players being Medlock,Hickman,Dyakowski and Grant although Hickman had already left by 2011 but played the 09-10 seasons as a Cat.

Thanks - was going from memory and if I had taken the time to check a roster might have realized that Filer and O'Neil (both FA signings in 2012) were here ahead of Austin. Interesting to note that 4/5 are Canadian and ALL play on offense, mainly the OL. Steinauer has done a COMPLETE overhaul of the defense!

There's about to be a pile of O-linemen cut from NFL camps. Getting anything for Simmons right now is a bonus.