TiCats OL Jake Olson retires

BIG OUCH!!! :frowning:

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Ticats offensive lineman Jake Olson retires
Posted on May 27, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 0 Comments

[i]With training camp set to open, Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman Jake Olson has decided to retire.

The 28-year-old suffered a torn patella in September of 2015 and the team kept him on the roster for all of last year as he rehabbed from the injury, hoping he could make a late-season return that never materialized.

But sources say the knee has yet to fully heal and Olson recently became a father for the first time. Those two factors led to his decision to call it quits.

Olson started 21 games over two seasons with the Ticats and was thought to be candidate for a starting job coming into training camp.[/i]

Sad for me as a fan.

Happy that he made a decision for himself and his family.

Best wishes for you Jake.

Thank you for being a Tiger Cat.

You are only a professional athlete for a few years....but you're a father forever.

Very well said Home Team Guy. You do have a way with words! Keep them coming!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Jake has to do what's best for his life going forward, but the timing of his retirement stings a little. This now leaves the team with a rather large hole to fill at OT...

You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe there was an agreement with the Cats that they asked him to put off the announcement as to not give info to other teams as to our roster situation. I find it hard to believe he would wait until now to decide.
Smart decision to leave while still able to walk.
Wishing him nothing but success going forward in whatever he does.

Good luck to Jake and his family. :thup:

Given that he stated he hasn't fully recovered, I'm sure the Ticats are aware of the situation and this is not a major surprise to them. Sorry to see Jake go.

Thanks to Tillman, there are other quality American invitees to camp who will fill this gap.

Jake Olson's retirement was not news that I wanted to hear. I wanted him to play for this team again after he had some bad luck injury-wise, but unfortunately that won't happen. But I can understand and respect his decision. I'd like to thank Olson for what he did for us and I wish him well in the future.

I did wonder if the release of Jeremy Lewis would have happened if the team knew that Olson would retire. On the other hand, Lewis may have been released after that mini camp because other OTs impressed enough to make it so that Lewis and his salary could be let go. The coaching staff may see one or more of Malcolm Bunche, Jordan Swindle and Torian White and possible starters.

So this is the second unexpected retirement of an OL this off-season, and both of these retirements were bad news for the team. But maybe we have replacements for these two who'll do well enough.