Ticats okay requests for Redblacks to interview Condell and Mark Washington

Ticats approve requests for Redblacks to interview Tommy Condell, Mark Washington for head coach job

“There’s always going to be interest in Mark Washington and Tommy Condell — I would call everybody on our staff to be honest with you and see if there’s a fit with the organization,? head coach Ordlono Steinauer said.
“I’m in favour of anybody that is trying to better themselves, that they want to take a look at those sort of things. I’m going to be fully supportive of that, I know the organization will also.?


Its an HTC coaching sale-o-bration…everything must go…hurry down while supplies last…

If Condell gets the gig in Ottawa then Masoli might follow. A decent pay raise plus the added benefit of coaching familiarity might prove too irresistable for Jeremiah.

So the interview list for redblacks HC is now

OC Paul LaPolice (WPG)
STC Mark Kilam (CGY)
QBC Ryan Dinwiddie (CGY)
OC Tommy Condell (HAM)
DC Mark Washington (HAM)
STC Bob Dyce (OTT)
HC Mike Benevides (TSN)

My money would be on Zack to Ottawa if Condell goes there

Grover: My guess is that Paul LaPolice will go to either Edmonton or BC. Everyone loves a winner.

Tommy Condell would be better off sticking with the Tiger-Cats. He needs to increase his worth after the disastrous Grey Cup loss and may have better choice of HC jobs in a couple of years. Also it looks to me like Bob Dyce is the favourite in Ottawa.

I would like to see Mark Washington replaced if he doesn’t leave in the off-season. We can do better.

We have already lost our Oline Coach and we also have the potential of losing our

OC our DC and our STC! :o

That is quite the turnover

So they are not considering promoting Noel Thorpe?

Grover: Yup. One more reason why so many of us were sitting in the corner sucking our thumbs after the Grey Cup game. None of us expected such a lacklustre performance.

We knew we had to come through this year because of potential turnover from free agency and job offer reports for the coaching staff.

I don’t see us getting back to where we were this past season for at least a couple of years. The East will be a much stronger division in 2020.

I don’t think Noel Thorpe would want the job, Who has he got for a QB, ? Offensive Coordinator, No receivers except Brad S. ? and G.M. Oh yeah last year of his contract, 35 free agents, ugh…

Those are all excellent reasons why none of the folks on the list would want the job. . . particularly the GM being a lame duck.

OTT can only hire one of OC/DC as head coach

I have to disagree on that thought. Condell has a long and quite impressive resumé as an assistant coach and coordinator. He’s a family man and Ottawa is well recognized as a great city for families. He’s familiar with the Capital, having worked with the Renegades, and if he got a guaranteed 3-year deal, at HC dollars, it wouldn’t make sense, for him, to stay here. He’ll be able to feel out Masoli on a possible move there before his interview and possibly take that connection to the table. I think the only uncertainty would be how he and his personality match up with Marcel Desjardins, who may be managing on thin ice while under contract, right now, for just 2020. That said, I think that Condell, of all individuals in the Tiger-Cat organization who are, or will be, free to consider other opportunities, this off-season, would be the greatest loss.

We had a league leading lowest points allowed at 344. Every other team other than Sask had over 400 or even 500 points allowed.

I’m not quite sure how and why you replace “league leading”? ???

Guess we’re starting early this year.

ottawacat: the latest reports I have read (Ottawa Citizen) indicate the Redblacks want to sign Nick Arbuckle from Calgary and make him their starting QB.

And Marcel Desjardins says he wants their HC job finalized by Christmas. He is looking at Paul LaPolice too. If that happens, LaPolice would likely want to take Collaros with him.

Who knows? Sure did not take long for the HC hunt to start.

Blew my coffee out of my nose!!

Well done, sir…well done?

Only if they leave Jeff Reinebold at STC and don’t attempt to shuffle him to DC. His move to DC in Montreal and again in Hamilton was a disaster. Players may love the man, but I feel he has found his niche in STs, and should stay there.


I didn’t know much about JR’s history, so I “googled” him. I was very impressed with his extensive coaching experience, and how he handled his battle with advanced melanoma in 2010. He’s obviously used to dealing with adversity, so I hope he continues with the team. Also, I really liked this 1998 photo of him with his young son when he was a coach with the Bombers…