Ticats Offer Nick a 150,000 Dollar Deal

Yes a Source would be nice ,
I can tell you Ken Welch is very good Reporter and would say anything unless his facts are right .

the source is nick himself. He will not give any details in what his contract is, but assured that it is not near 150,000.

The ink stained fingerprints of Ken Peters are all over this story, too.

I think we have made a good offer," said the GM of the[i] proposed [/i]offer

that would likely have Setta earning
more than $150,000 per season.

Since clubs don't have to make player's salaries public
I would prefer reporters would not speculate about them.

Casual fans already have a misconception of what CFL players make

So many think that they make a lot more money than they actually do.

Kicking The Vault Open

Is Nick ready to Setta in Hamilton for $150,00 per year?

November 28, 2008 Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

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Whether the $150,000 contract for Setta is legitimate or not. A good kicker can keep his team close in a lot of games and even win a few for his team.

Nick Setta is worth all of $150,000 in his contract, particularly since kicking is one of the few areas his team isn't struggling in. He is a sound football player with a bright future.

The Ticats should pull out all the stops to keep Setta. Right now, he is the most productive player on the team.
Obie: Please sweeten the pot as necessary and within financial reason to keep Nick a Ticat.

Well when I saw $150k for 3 years I was assuming that meant $50k a year...Lol...$150k for an import kicker with one of the poorer field goal percentages in the league. In a salary cap world that is total insanity. If true, this is simple pandering to fans crying for his return and taking money away from positions where cash needs to be spent.

Ken may have said words like Ken Peters said
in his Spectator article. [link in original thread]

Ken called the offer 'a proposed offer' and said that the offer

would likely have Setta earning more than $150,000 per season.

You pay your money and you take your choice, novascotiakid.

As TCTD said earlier in this thread,
you can pay one import kicker $150k

or, you can pay one player for field goals and kickoffs
and pay a 2nd salary to another player to do the punting

like Calgary does with Sandro DeAngelis and Burke Dales.

Calgary probably put out close to $150,000.00/year
for those two players to fill the roles Nick performs.

Happy to say I can disagree with you on this one. :smiley:
As mentioned, Setta is doing both jobs. For those saying he had one of the lowest averages in the league, he also had the least amount of attempts which does make a difference. If this info is correct, I think it's a good offer and hopefully Nick takes it. If he decides to try his luck down south, good for him. I stand behind him completely.

The thought that we could have had DeAngelis makes me wanna cry too, but for a completely different reason. :wink:

Setta deserves atleast $200,000 a year... $100,000 up front...

If you don't agree,, we'll see how happy you are next season if he's not here..

According to the Spec, Nick says the offer he's received is NOT 150,000 and that he'd like to sign a 3 year deal.

I'm inclined to believe him and say O'Billovich NEEDS to make it happen.

Money aside, Nick really seems to like the people here and Hamilton itself. Maybe the team should do like they use to do back in the 60's & 70's and find him a good job in the city. Not sure what his major was in university, other than kicking, but with Bob's contacts he should be able to find something. That is how we kept so many good American ball players back then, and as you know many stayed in the area to this day. Sweeten that with a good monetary offer, and voila!

Setta prefers Cats to the NFL

CFL all-star wants three-year deal, to avoid risking job south of border

December 02, 2008 Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

Nick Setta spent Sunday afternoon practising his kicking.

In the snow. Back home in Homer Glen, Illinois.


"Because I haven’t kicked in the snow

and I have to be ready to do that when it comes up,
" the 27-year-old Hamilton Tiger-Cat kicker/punter said

in a telephone interview.

That tells you plenty about the perfectionist ways
of Setta, who was often a spectacle himself

climbing the Ivor Wynne Stadium stairs with a
series of one-legged jumps up the steps in practices.

But while Setta continues to prepare himself
for another season of punting/placekicking,

the whereabouts of his next season
of employment are far less certain.

In less than 90 days Setta will be able
to sign with the highest bidder.

The Tiger-Cats tried to sign Setta to a new contract
before the last season, but weren’t successful.

And even though Hamilton GM Bob O’Billovich identified
signing the prospective free agent as the key off-season priority,

it hasn’t happened yet.

Setta terms the contract talks as “ongoing,”
and while he obviously will be seeking a raise,

he is adamant that published reports indicating
he could be offered $150,000 a season aren’t realistic.

Still, Setta makes it clear he hopes to stay in Hamilton
for another three seasons or more,

if O’Billovich can make the numbers work.

Setta has obviously made the most of his Hamilton employment
over the past two seasons.

He was named a 2007 CFL all-star, a nod for his placekicking;
and he added a 2008 CFL all-star honour for his punting.

But there is more.

Setta hasn’t missed a game in two seasons.

And during the Tiger-Cats’ 44-38 win over Montreal in October,
he took a knee to the back during the opening kickoff.

Setta stayed in the game and continued to kick, notwithstanding the pain.

There is more.

This past season Setta threw three passes for first downs,
even though one was nullified by penalty.

On a young Cat crew, Setta has emerged as a team leader.

And while some Cat cynics would point to a field goal percentage
that slipped from 85 per cent to 79 per cent this past season,

there were mitigating factors.

Setta had to adjust to both a new short snapper
(Matt Robichaud) and holder (Quinton Porter).

There was no quibbling about the punting.

Setta finished with a league-leading 47.4 yard average,
up from 44 yards the season before.

There has been plenty of conjecture that Setta may sign in the NFL.

That could still be the case, but Setta has his heart set on Steeltown.

"In all honesty, I like Hamilton, I would like to be in Hamilton.

I’m one of those guys who, when they find something good, enjoy it.

I don’t know what I’m missing by not being in the NFL.

It could be the best thing for me, or it could be a nightmare."

Which is why Hamilton is attractive.

"If we can come to an agreement – absolutely

that’s what I would like to do," Setta said
about continuing his career with the Cats.

“Everything is open, but No. 1 in my mind is Hamilton.”

This young man is a winner in every way.

Setta is a quality player and person.
Heck doing two jobs and both very well, I would even offer him $200K to stay.

You guys and your sources...You can chose to believe the poster or not but for obvious reasons posters can't always give the source. I personaly doubt very much that Setta was offered 150k x 5 = 750 000.00 contract, probably more like a 50k signing bonus and 100k a year = 550 000.00.

I choose to believe Nick. Here is what he is quoted as saying,

Setta terms the contract talks as "ongoing," and while he obviously will be seeking a raise,

he is adamant that published reports indicating
he could be offered $150,000 a season aren't realistic.

in Ken Peters article from the Hamilton Spectator.

I posted it earlier in this thread, HfxTC

So Mr. Peters who started the rumourthat Obie
may have offered Nick $150,000 per year for 3 years

has backed off from what he said. Surprise Surprise.

I believe that nick will get somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 because that is what the rest of the leauge is making. I believe even deangelis is making that much as just a kicker!!!! Nick is well worth the money. Tlhe cats keep spreading all this money to players that don't even end up playing and have little effect on the game. Hurt/Mentally hurt etc... he is the only player that you know what your gonna get out of him. He comes to play while the HIGH paid players on this team for the past years have done soo well they have been traded or released!!!.

We agree, Nick, you are great. :lol: :wink:

I've said it all along. Do what it takes to keep him here.

From our good Friend Marty York :slight_smile:
• Like Calgary Stampeders kicker Sandro DeAngelis, Hamilton Tiger-Cats kicker Nick Setta has drawn considerable attention from NFL sources. Setta, however, is strongly leaning toward re-signing with the Ticats for considerably less money than he could make if he cracked an NFL roster.

“In all honesty, I like Hamilton,? Setta said. “I honestly want to stay.?

Setta led the CFL in the past season with a punting average of 47.4 yards.

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