Ticats Offer Nick a 150,000 Dollar Deal

Ken Welch Said The Ticats Have Offered Kicker Nick Setta a 4 year Deal (3+ option year ) for around $150,000
Setta will Still look at his Options and may Still go South …
He been shown the money Lets See if takes it or Goes South
The Tee is in his Court now

It would be stupid not to offer Setta a good contract like this. The last thing this team needs is problems or unpredictability in the kicking department.

So now either Setta goes to the NFL or stays in Hamilton. I can't see another CFL team matching our contract offer.

I know 150 is good for a kicker but I think being a CFL All-Star 2 years in a row deserves more like 200.

If they dump Printers they could easily afford to give Setta (and others) more.

$200 thousand for a kicker? and I thought $150,000 was outrageous. Just to put it in perspective, one of the reasons we traded Troy Davis is because we refused to pay him $125,000 a year. This whole system is starting to seem very much like the New York Knicks. Have a couple good years, and then we are stuck paying huge contracts to marginal players like Printers, Miles, and Keith, and now we are doing it for a kicker? A kicker! who takes up an import spot, and with this contract a good import prospect. Just does not seem right to me, but hey what do i know right?

There does seem to be a dearth of new (or rather, new and talented) kickers arriving in the CFL the last couple years (apart from Setta). I mean, look at us in Edmonton, we just resigned Prefontaine, and he's getting up there age-wise. Maybe O'Billovich just doesn't see a replacement on the horizon (import or non-import) who can do a better job than Setta.

That's too much for an import kicker. Setta is good but not great. Not in the class of DeAngelis who is a non-import to boot (no pun intended). Setta was in all 18 games I think and they still won only 3--not a consistent difference maker. Pay Setta $150k and what will they have to pay their other up-and-comers? That money can be better used elsewhere.

When I think that they could've had DeAngelis for nothing, it makes me wanna cry. :frowning:

An Argo-Cat fan

Obie has stepped up big time to bring Nick back.

I think he will forgo free agency and take the offer.

Nick Setta has value more than simply as a punter/kicker.

He makes the best of broken field goal and punting plays
sometimes turning such plays into a successful ones

because of his rare ability as a punter/kicker
to pass run, tackle and think on his feet.

In short, he is a ‘football player.’

He is also a fine, upstanding modest citizen.

Love to see you back Nick! :rockin:

Marty Dork info..... :roll:

Good post, ronfromtigertown.

If one looks at the Calgary kicking situation, they are paying Sandro DeAngelis to do field goals and kickoffs while they are paying Burke Dales to do the punting. Would it be fair to assume that they are each being paid at least $75,000.00 per year? If so, then Calgary is already spending approximately $150,000.00 per year on their kickers.

DeAngelis and Dales are now in their option years and want to give the NFL a try if the right situation comes along.

[url=http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/sports/stampeders/story.html?id=bea142fa-3677-4836-b4ec-2f96742fd961]http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/new ... 96742fd961[/url]

DeAngelis was number two in the CFL in field goal accuracy during the 2008 regular season and Setta ranked fifth.
DeAngelis ranked fifth in kickoff distance during the regular season and Setta ranked fourth.
DeAngelis was very successful in the playoffs and Setta has never been in the playoffs.
Meanwhile, Dales ranked second in CFL regular season punting average behind Nick Setta.

While I agree that $150,000.00 per season is a lot of money for a kicker, it seems like a reasonable range for a player who is doing both punting and placekicking and is the leading punter in the CFL. The fact that Setta is also a team player who can do some tackling and either throw a pass or run for the occasional third down conversion is an added bonus.

Not This time From Ken Welch Sports Director of CHCH in Hamilton.

I bet Montreal's Duval (an import) has been getting well over 100K for many years now.

I can assure everyone that the contract that Nick setta has been offered is no where near 150,000..

Nick has not been offered anything near 150,000 dollars.

Roar, Onknight gave a source for his information.

Would it be too much to ask that you do the same?

Someone who just joined the site and we are to accept your assurance?

Sorry, with no track record here, you are in no position to provide any assurance to anyone. Post a link to a source.

I was expecting a link to thespec.com.

I think the contract number is fair, maybe a little overpriced for a kicker but you don’t want him going elsewhere.

I have no idea whether the $150,000 figure is true or not, but I agree that stability in the kicking game is important as the team tries to turn things around. This is especially true since Nick was so reliable as a punter. Having a great punter can help bail a struggling team out of bad situations, and the lack of decent punting (and therefore field position) would add an additional layer of frustration for a team trying to establish itself.

Uh, it was on CH News at 11:00 my friend. And they said 150, 000.

  1. As I have often said, "believe nothing you HEAR, and only 50 % of what you Read" so I doubt that any figures published in the Speculator or broadcast by tv/radio are exact, although probably close, educated guesses.

  2. I don't think we should be so concerned re the amount, only that it is enough to convince Nick to stay here, without being fiscally reckless. I hate to see Ticats lose good FA over a few thousand $$.

And a big part of the battle Nicky seems to like the Hammer, and that's a big part of it. 8)