Ticats offer Kenton Keith Contract!!!!

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/09/17/ticats_keith/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ats_keith/[/url]

Hmmmm......Interesting....Do I smell a Lumsden deal??

I dont agree with this if it is true...if Keith's heart is in Regina with family ties...we all know what the Jason Moss can happen....oh well...read it up!!

this is dumb....just dumb....what a waste of money....even if we dump Lumsden we still have Terry Caulley and Tre Smith

Exactly...it does not make sense...Caulley alone is a starting back in this league...

Why wouldn't you try and get a proven durable if I recall running back. Lumsden must have told them he is gone at the end of the season. I really like Caulley and the jury is still out on Tre Smith as a running back. Caulley is about the same size as Archie Amerson was and he turned out to be a useful slotback, if Caulley can catch a ball, throw him out there.

The talent level on the team would improve.

If its true I would trade Jesse for whatever you can get by the end of the year.

I see this as a positive. :thup:

It shows that our GM...AND OUR OWNER are serious about fielding a winner!

Jesse Lumsden for Jason Goss??

Hmmm...tough call.

I think Keith is better than Caulley, but Caulley is 4 years younger.

RB is a very unforgiving postion and just how many years Keith would have left is tough to know. He's 28 now, and Calley 24.

I'm a big fan of Caulley, and I like Lumsden when he's healthy, but Keith had the sickest moves I've ever seen from a CFL running back.

As long as Keith's still got it (turned 28 in July), this looks like it would be a great signing.

Remember also that Marcel worked with Keith in Saskatchewan.

Or maybe this is a gambit to put pressure on Jesse to re-sign?

The Hamilton Tigercats are turning into the New York Rangers of the NHL pre-lockout.

Throwing tons of Cash around & still getting no results.

Aren't they under the cap as you would think all the other teams are?

Tons of cash? to who ? Besides Printers there is no big contract on that team. Caulley is young but tore a knee up a few years ago. The positive of signing Keith would be possibly getting a player for Lumsden. A receiver or a db would be nice.

Our last former great Sask. running back didn't do so well, did he?

maybe they know that Jesse is gone for the season?

I don't like the idea of bringing in Keith because it reminds me a lot of the hoopla that happened when Corey Holmes came to town.

It also reminds me of when John Avery played in Edmonton and was great there. He even got an NFL gig, got cut and came back to the CFL. I remember Joe Paopao saying he thought Avery was the best back he'd ever seen in the CFL. (I know, what a crazy statement but that was the kind of hype around him at the time.) So then the Argos gave him a ridiculously huge contract (250,000/yr or so) and they got no real production out of him. He was basically hurt all the time.

So I say stay away from the former CFL star running backs and stick with what we've got.

If we can trade Lumsden for a starting American offensive tackle that would be great, regardless of the Keith signing.

If Lumsden leaves then all of a sudden has no more injury problems then it would be the worst thing to happen in the history of this franchise.

The position of RB can eat up a lot of talent in the course of a season plus the fact that Lumsden's recurring injuries the team feels somewhat thin in that position. Might be a good move as long as they don't pay to much for him.

This is another positive step showing that this team is serious about getting better. A premier player comes available and now you have depth to play with. Trade Caulley and keep Lumsden/Keith and you are in the same situation you are in now.... otherwise if Jesse decides to leave we have the depth to cover it.


I'm all for it as long as they start him at Defensive End.

I don't care who we sign. As long as the Ticat curse of signing top talent that the FANS love at the end of the year. Only to have it be another BAD choice a year later.