Ticats Offer Contract To Glenn

A report on the 900chml.com website states that the Ticats sent a contract offer to Kevin Glenn's agent today. There is unconfirmed speculation that the Argos are also interested in him. A decision could be made by Glenn and his agent by as early as this Monday.

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Here’s Drew Edwards’ article in the Spec:

Ticats make pitch for Glenn

I don't know if anyone has posted this. But it looks like Glen is favouring Hamilton.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Hamilton/2009/03/11/8706831-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

I don't know about bringing him in. I like Porter and think Williams could be a bona fide CFL starter given the right opportunity. I like Hamilton's quarterbacking situation better without Glenn in the mix.

Hasn't this organization learned from its previous mistakes? Jason Maas, Casey Printers? Third times the charm right? WRONG! In all honesty I think the cats will get Glenn since he would be closest to his US home if he plays in Hamilton, it's only a matter of time before I can laugh at his ridiculous pay.

This will only cause controversy at the pivot, after porter worked hard and earned the job last year, theyh are bringing in glenn to breath down his neck? Quinton is the guy and i think betts or tafralis could be capable back ups and qunton should be able to relax knowing that hes going to always be starting without glenn spend thatg money on some OL

Williams has had his chance. He's a thrid stringer in the CFL. Just because he is a nice guy doesn't mean he should be the starter. His stats are comparable to Casey Printers and he just got the boot.

I like the direction of Porter and Tafralis also looked like a future CFL pivot. A vet is what we need sandwiched between them to give them some help.

The cats are set with the PGT connection for many years to come.

I take it everyone over looked this little quote from OBIE in today's Sports section...

O’Billovich described the offer to the 29-year-old Michigan native as “[b]incentive-laden[/b],? [u][b]with a base salary[/b][/u] [i]and an opportunity to earn more money[/i] [b][u]if[/u][/b] [i]he becomes the starting quarterback.[/i]
So why exactly will this be a bad signing again??

If Glenn signs with us he is nothing more than a quarterback insurance plan... Now all these people saying we don't need him are basically upset over us signing a player who will help our team.

Lets say (god forbid)something happens to Porter, or he just flat out stinks it up and Glenn comes in and takes over, then he goes on to play some great football and wins some games for us.

Will all you whiners still be crying over his signing? I bet not, you will be sitting at home or at the game with your nice new Kevin Glenn ti-cats jersey on, saying how great of an idea it was to pick up Glenn as an insurance player this season.

8) You are exactly right "GBonds88".

GBonds, calling posters whiners is not very niiiice... it is a forum, opinions vary.

Regarding Porter having earned the starters spot through hard work, well he may have earned consideration but you earn the job through success and 1-5 or 1-4 isn't a given he can start.

Making an offer to Glenn is fine, dosen't mean he will accept it. All depends what the commitment is from the team. Everyone knows what CFL contracts are worth... Toronto could be an attractive destination for him as well. Signing Glenn or not will make zero difference in the team's success on the field. It is just an easy cover, the lines succes will decide what kind of season the team has.

he should be the starter.

I hope that he signs with the Tiger cats.

How can anyone who knows football think its a good idea to go into a season with 3 QB's with little experience? Glenn is not printers or Maas. This a completey different scenario. He has even said he would welcome a mentoring role because he wants to be a coach. We need someone who can talk to the guys. He is a good fit IMO

I think most people understand that, does not mean they think Glenn should be THAT guy.

Also how many mentors do the Cats need? Mixed messages can become a problem. That is Jones job...

I wasn't directly calling posters in this thread whiners but more so directing at the whole group of whiners who always seem to dislike a GM's decisions...

But I think a good majority of the members here are supporting the Glenn to Hamilton idea...

Also if anyone's future opinions do not match the ones of my own opinions I'm calling them whiners! :wink: :lol: obviously J/K.

does anyone know what the offer is two years or more?

Maybe 1 year plus an option.. and then after his first year with us, OBIE could offer him a contract extension for longer. That is if he actually plays, and plays well of course.

Whoever's starting or backing up, I like Glenn and Porter to be the # 1 and 2 QBs. I would be comfortable in having both of them battle it out in training camp for the starting job.

I’m fine with Glenn coming to Hamilton if he does. I’m happy to have all the QBs battle for positions, and may the best one win.

If Glenn comes here as insurance or as a possible number 1, that makes sense. But I don’t think we need him as a mentor. That’s what Khari Jones is being paid to do.

To say Porterhas earned the starters role would be kind of an overstatement. He has won 1 game just like every other qb that started here last season. He showed potential but to come in an annoint him the starter hands down is crazy. I think he needs a veteran to go up against if he beats him good then hes the starter. He hasn't earn the rights of say DMAC to know he is the starter hands down. At this point he has earned the right to challenge for a starting role. It would be irresponsable of Obie to not bring in a veteran to challenge for a starting role or as an insurance policy just in case. How can we say Taraflis (sp) has a bright future when he has tossed a handful of balls in meaningless time. We go into the season with what we got and its setting up for possible disaster. So we are gonna have a combined what 15 games experience or something between 5 qbs in camp. If porter flops who do we turn to he still isnt the sure thing yet. He has proven nothing zero yet. Until he provides a few consist seasons in a row then he can be considered proven and a sure thing. Until then he is just a rookie with a learning curve and at anytime could flop. Look at Eakin, look at printers, and remember this season t here will be more film on the guy.

I think Glenn will fit in nice with the team.Im no cats fan but i hope they do better this season.would really like to see them pound the bombers!