Ticats Offence

Seems a pattern has emerged from last season, Does it matter who starts at QB as long as the game plan is flat and predictable? IMHO forget about showcasing AB3 , use the whole offence and throw deep to the taller recievers, AB3 is a slotback like Amerson, slants and hooks. Thoughts??

I say Ramsay in at RT, Rottier at RG, Maurice Mann getting wayyyy more time than James, and most definitely shuffle up the play calling.

With the breakdown at guard 95% of the playbook went out the window. Beyond me how anyone can make a determination on play selection at this point.

Agree with all of the above and would add one point. Shivvers was very weak on defence.
Opposition receivers were making him look silly all night. I think the coaches need to take
another look at his spot.

Last two posts are spot on. It was like we were playing two men short the whole night.

Switch him up with Tisdale, problem solved.

WE have some issues at Safety as Sandy got beaten all night as well.

Barker did very well on ST's, but is our future player at the Free Safety position, and hits like a truck compared with Sandy.

I do not discount the value of SB to the team,...he's a great leader, and can tell guys how to play any situation (he just makes mistakes when doing so himself) but he's a better coach than he seems a player.

Huge, HUGE, HUGE issues on the OLine that need be addressed this week. This crap cannot continue!

Shivers looked silly because he had no support from beveridge.Its hard to cover more than one player when your safety is 20 yards away from the play.

I think the biggest problem, which is the same problem we had last year, is if Cobb doesn't get big gains for the first three or four runs, our Offense seems to completely abandon any other attempts at running the ball. In addition to this, Rottier needs to be shifted to guard or pulled.

I do stress, that game was in no way Kevin Glenn's fault and he did everything he could. You can't consistently keep letting your QB get sacked like that. Even if you had a genetically engineered QB, born of the genes of Calvillo, Moon and Montana with the best training and motivational work in the world, it is worthless if the line can't protect him.

I am sure Marshall will make the necessary changes on defence for our next game.

NO WAY we can go with Rottier at right tackle this week.
A change in ratio may have to happen to get Spanos or another Import in there.
Also lets try to get the ball in the hands of Thigpen on offence a little.

I think even Ray Charles can see that we need a change at RT, James out for Mann, Barker in for Beverage and Shivers out 8)

Oh yea, then Shivers can get burned at the weak side corner. :roll:

Time to get rid of glenn, another year with a shitty O-line ,we need a running QB.