@ Ticats Oct 9

Getz on
Clark off

Glad to see Watman get a go at it...he needs to be looked at. Will be nice to not see rainbow snaps for a game. Clark was 6d so it is probably the last of him this season...but hey...we do need to see Watman so

I think this is test game for Moore...he needs to show better to stick. he gets some flags and does little with his size as far as blocking and running guys over...way better off with Rea or McHenry IMO

Watman and Clark will be the guys I will be focusing on...After that Knox needs to start pressing up more, and he has been in enough that we should start seeing that soon. Tackles are great...and he is starting to make them closer to the gap. He and Doughty are in a competition for 2016 here.

Mathews is nowhere near ready to lead that offense, but it doesn't matter. Glenn and Smith will throw more TDs to the Cats defense on their own. All Mathews needs to do is stand up and shout BINGO!

This is going to be the WORST game of the year.

I guess that depends on if Glenn wants to stay or get a shot at the cup with Hamilton. I think that is more the reason (or a least I hope so ) they are starting Glenn. If he shows good and Mathews sucks then Austin will be having to consider doing a deal. If on the other hand Glenn stinks the joint out like he did in BC then he will finish the season with the Riders.

And the gong show continues, if glenn can’t get it going before half, might as well put Smith in!!

McCallum misses from 27 yards… He needs to be cut end of season

Getzlaf has the dropsies… He needs to be traded, but who would trade for that? So he needs to be re-signed at a big pay cut. And when he drops the pass Rod Black is surprised! Made the announcement that he is " Mr. Velcro!"… Not sure what Rod Black has been watching for the last 5 years

Both Macho and Brackenridge get burned on a play by Ford… He dummies them both, with a little shake and picks up 6 extra yards…

A blocked punt, followed by a blown coverage on the TiCat touchdown…

How many punts so far this game?

Glenn is ineffective and Mathews looks like an All Star… All before half time.

Does this look like a team that is interested in keeping their playoff hopes alive? Not a chance.

Glenn has very little trade value now because the team “still had a mathematical chance?”. Time to come to grips that this is a bad team and is going to need a huge rebuild… Starting with a new GM (not O’Day) and a new HC (not Dyce)…

Brutal effort so far!

Totally agree!!

Our defensive backfield just plain sucks period. Soft soft soft. Soft on coverage, soft on tackles, soft on every aspect.

offense is brutal again. Drop passes, blocking, nice pick to boot. Get Smith in for god sake. Lets see if he can shake things up.

Can we just forfeit the rest of the season and save the embarrassment of getting trounced the rest of the way in?

Yeah sorry but a complete clean house is needed. GM, HC, OC, DC all gone.

I still feel bad for Dyce as the players he has on defense especially in the backfield just plain suck and it is so friggen obvious. Oh and what is with only rushing two linemen and counting on the softest d on pass coverage to get the job done?
Quick your FIRED FIRED FIRED!!!! Give your freaking head a shake.

Well so much for that. Another brutal pick and a td for the cat almost guaranteed. Game, set , match, season totally FU##ED away.

Holy crap

Nasty injuries for the d line. Underlying story now is to get some assets for Glenn.

this is starting to remind me of another time , a long time ago. take that where you want .

God nice blown tackle

bye bye Marshay Green

O look! 30 sacks!

2nd and long inside their own 10 and we can't even pressure them. :roll:

Can't happen soon enough. He is a wh@re and everyone has had him. Talk about being owned.

Hamilton looked good in practice against the scout team today. Should be ready for Montreal.

he should of been gone last season!

Yes he should and so should some of his fellow defensive backfield friends.

I have never seen a team that looks so lost on both sides of the ball. This game was over as soon as the teams came on the field. They all just look like they have no clue what to do.

Yes there are exceptions and Chick, Munroe are not going down without a fight but the rest of the defense just look done.

Offense is not much better.

Too many losses and the frustration at the lack of any hope in sight has gotten to them. They can all say they are not down and haven’t given up all they want, their play shows the truth. Have a handful of players playing their guts out can not make up for the rest.

It’s going to be a long long long winter and honestly unless there are some serious moves to make the team better, next season may be a wash too.

Impossible. He was a favorite of CC