Ticats Observations

What I would like to see with the ticats offensive system is the following:

-Spread Offense with four receivers
-Ranek in the Slot , but also lining up behind the Qb.
-Lots of short passess and quick routes in order to make the defense react quicker.
-No-huddle offense in order to keep continuity and speed up the game.
-Two Backs lined up at all times behind the Qb. This would work, because you would have a guy behind the QB to pick up the blitzers and to block, also for last second screen passes.

-More of a power running game with Kojo Aidoo and julien Radelin. This is a hardcore blue collar town like pittsburgh, and we need to develop our own bettis & franco harris. Im sick of these speedbacks, i wanna see some smashmouth hit em in the face power football.

-also i would like to see papopao and kahui(sp?) fired immediately.

-Try to obtain an athletic QB from the NFL like Seneca Wallace, Cleo Lemon, or anybody else that could fit into this system.

-Im wodnering how come CFL teams odnt use Tight ends? Wouldnt the cfl be more exciting with an atlhetic tight end stretching the defense and causing havoc in the redzone.

On Defense:

I would like to see a 3-4 ALIGNMENT- more blitzing, a little bit of a cover 2 style in the secondary and kavis reed gets fired, cuz this guy keeps getting raped by the argos, 48-0? come on man, 20-2 at home on gold jersey night, come on man!!!

Special Teams
Get rid of boreham, sign one guy that can do kickoff/punting/field goals, becauser having 2 or 3 guys to do these jobs takes up too much space on the roster.

  • I also would like to see the ticats wear their blacks pants with their white tops on the road.

-I never wanna see tohse gold jerseys again, unless it is used as a practice jersey.

-This team needs to spend more money on the coaching staff and hire more coaches to work on individuL postions, I would also like to see a new strentgh coach to help the players get into better shape and prevent injuries.


Boy, where to start on this one...

-how exactly do you have a 'spread' offence with 4 receivers? 4 receivers is more of a conventional set.
-moving Ranek, or any playmaker, around is probably a good idea...give the defences a lot more to think about
-lots of short passes? you want more of these?
-2 backs, agreed, we should definitely have Radlein out there more...I've been preaching this all season
-more power running, also agree. But not Aidoo. Ranek is tough as nails and a far more talented player
-fire the old Ottawa coaches, yes
-try to get an nfl scrambler-type QB, not gonna happen, why would those guys want to come here when the money is so much better where they are
-tight ends...teams don't use tight ends because they are boring. They aren't good enough receivers and they are undersized o-linemen. They are not exciting. Slotbacks are exciting.

-the 3-4...we use this already, especially on 2nd down. we usually bring in Hitchcock and take out a DT
-kavis reed...I'm not complaining about the defence in last night's game. Giving up only 20 points should usually get you a win.

Special Teams:
-yes we have too many kickers. But right now we only have 2 on the gameday roster. It's not "too many" kickers on the gameday roster since we have more roster spots this year. Plus, most teams in the league have two kickers.

-black pants with white jerseys? check, we wore that in Winnipeg
-yellow jerseys: I'd like to see them again, in the preseason home game only (once a year is enough)

Because we havent tried any short passes or quick routes this season. :roll:

What happened to the O line? Where was the smash mouth type of run blocking vs the Peg?
How come no play action?
How Come no crossing routes which were proven efective last week? Is the Argo D showing such a different look than the Bombers?
Mass seems to get too upset after a botched play. Maybe pull him for a series or 2 to calm down and maybe Eakin might happen to click.
And the colour guys really state the obvious - why are the routes cut so short? Surley 3 or 4 yds deeper isn’t going to affect the chance of a completion that much? Mass’s completion average if fine. Give up a % or 2 for slighly deeper routes.
Belli descibed the Argos psyche as being “fragile” - just the opposite occured- Cats D started very strong, field position for the O was great but no points produced by the O - the team folded.

when im talking spread offense, i wanna see a shotgun, and spread it out and confuse the defense, then when we something good, we call an audible and smash it up the middle with radelin and maul some of these overrated CFL defences ( toronto do you hear me)

tights ends can work in the cfl, the scouting needs to work harder and find guys like shockey, davis, gates, there are plenty of 6'5'' basketball power forwards in canada/usa that you can convert into tight ends.

-and scrambling QBs like seneca wallace and cleo lemon, would love to play in the cfl, because this game fits them perfectly and they want to play badly. Also they could make 400k easily in the cfl, plus bonuses and endorsements from big time canadian companies like rogers, bell, telus, dofasco.