TiCats O-Line Coach Rudolph goes to NCAA Arkansas St.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats OL coach Allen Rudolph has accepted same position under Arkansas St. coach Blake Anderson per source.

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As first reported by @ThayerEvansSI, #Ticats OL coach has resigned to take a job at Arkansas State. #CFL

Rudolph had been with the TiCats since the 2013 season
Do you think Marwan Hage would want the job?

I for one say yay to Marwan Hage, makes perfect sense! I liked Rudolph alot but at the same time our OL hasn't exactly been the greatest the last couple of years, good thing our QBs are mobile. Maybe we dont need to spend our cash and picks on OL, maybe we have it but didnt have the right guy to tutor them. Just food for thought!

If he was the problem I think coach Austin would have replaced him before now

Coach Sal to the rescue!!!

Very sad to see Coach Rudolph leave. Having known this family since their arrival to the Hammer, I can tell you that there were few that worked harder than him. In a Ticat world with many injuries in the lineman position, he did one heck of a job trying to patch the holes. The players respected him and played their all for him. I would like to personally thank Coach Rudolph and wish him, his wife and the girls good luck in Arkansas.

It was a good stop here, and a long one by his standards, for a modern day Tommy Hunter.


2013-15 Offensive Line Coach Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2012 Offensive Line Coach Northwestern State
2010-11 Offensive Coordinator Southeastern Louisiana
2007-09 Offensive Line Coach Southeastern Louisiana
2005-06 Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line Coach Samford
2004 Offensive Line Coach East Mississippi CC
2002-03 Offensive Line Coach Louisiana-Monroe
2000-01 Offensive Line Coach Mississippi College
1999 Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line Coach Copiah-Lincoln CC
1998 Tight Ends, Running Backs & Special Teams Coach Nicholls State
1995-97 Tight Ends & Offensive Line Coach Nicholls State

Wow, he really has been a travelling coach. Lots of jobs, mostly in the Deep South. Maybe that's where home and family are. If so, you can't blame him for wanting to return to familiar surroundings.

Like the rest of us, you go where the money is. $150,000 a year Canadian is only $106,000 US and with the higher income tax rates in Canada, high cost of living in Ontario and probably wanting to return to the US for family reasons.

Totally agree. I wish him well.

I agree with you on that. The players spoke highly of him as well and he was well-liked and respected by them. Sorry to see him go. That is the second position coach that the team has lost this offseason.

I thought the OL did a good job last season until Zach went down and at the same time Olsen. Then we seemed to have a run on OL injuries (Bomben e.g.) whereas up until that time they had remained mostly healthy and there was consistency the in starting lineup.

Coach Rudolph was always on the sideline talking with Austin and coaching up the Oline guys. He seemed to be the glue that held the oft-injured line together. He will be missed. He reminded me of Pat Perles, George's boy, who is now with the Tampa Bay Bucs as player personnel scout. Perles was with the Cats when they last won the Grey Cup in 99. This will be an important hire for Kent Austin. I'm anxious to see who gets this important position.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Austin certainly has his plate full these days - with the upcoming free agency frenzy and maybe trying to get some of our guys re-signed before the deadline and also two position coaching spots to fill - Rudolph (yes a very important role - has to work well with Condell for one) and Simms (?) (Marcello) who went to BC as STC. Getting a bit late in the season to be replacing even position coaches.