TiCats now 0-4 with Masoli as starter

The title says it all. I think Orlondo is very intelligent coach. He must see it.

Yup... Should trade him for Harris. :grin:

This was A team loss.

Ottawa cat I may have spoke too soon lol

Garney burner account?


What's the solution? Evans's is hurt.

Considering all ther time he's missed over the last while, I thought Masoli played well. He's still finding his groove still.

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We swapped QB's twice with Hamilton (Ealey for Jonas and Clements for Brock). The last trade resulted in BOTH teams making it to the Cup. :smiley: :+1:

I assure you I am not affiliated with the poster who has discussed Masoli for years. Haha

Long time season ticket holder. I don’t post much. Actually a big Masoli fan. He lead us to one of our best starts, under June Jones, in history. Watched him in college at Oregon before he switched colleges. Always thought he’d be a pro.

However, I’ve watched him since his return from injury, and there is definitely something wrong.

Watch his mechanics. Then watch the same throw from 2019. He is missing receivers high and low. His scrambling was always a weapon. Granted he did scramble better today. But he’s not as mobile as he was before the injury either.

Overall, I agree it was a team loss. But I honestly feel we have the best talent in the East. Easily the best D. Likely the best receiving core. We are middle of the pack at RB. We are a Grey Cup team if we could get more consistency at QB.


OK. You've proven that you are not Garney. You actually wrote more than one sentence.


As mentioned I don’t post often. But this thread seemed to drop. Replying to see if it comes back or if the moderators moved it to another common thread?

Threads with the most recent posts are shown first. The challenge for this particular thread is that it is competing for attention with multiple other "Masoli is a problem" threads.


What happened to Oskee7777? Who's the new guy? Where did the extra 7 come from? Inquiring minds want to know.

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two games in a row, masoli should have been pulled after 8 minutes into the third.....if a quarterback can sit on the side lines for the next 7 minutes and observe what the defense is doing, without being under fire, you can always put him back in......for coach o to do nothing, is becoming unbearable.....we are now in the point of not making the playoffs due to crossover.....yes games have been close but we should have had a lot more points.....masoli's mechanics are just to far off right now.....love the guy, but we need to be aware of the big picture and putting up wins...

Actually. True. I was oskee7777. When they changed platforms it wouldn’t allow me to use it. The extra 7 was my only choice lol.

Agree 100% with this. I am also far from a Masoli hater. But extremely frustrated. Is Watford a number one? We don’t know as he hasn’t had the reps. However he has proven he is more than serviceable. He can scramble. And oh yeah he did win us two games.

Let’s him come in for a few series. Give the defence a few different looks. Let Jeremiah watch D on the tablet.

Throw Masoli back in. I can’t see one negative in doing that.

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I think we have room for another Masoli thread that doesn't devolve into the "is he 'elite' or not". Haha.

The injury has set him back. It's been over looked on the forum, but I think it's a factor. Some guys are never the same. I thought Zach was in that camp.

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