Ticats notebook: Landon Rice will get first shot at guard spot

Ticats notebook: Landon Rice will get first shot at guard spot

“We have five to six guys I really like. Landon Rice played a lot more than what people think last year so I would anticipate that he will start off there but it’s going to be a wide-open competition. It’s understandable that people second guess the trade but after looking at all the film and going through (mini-camp) I think it’s a decision that I think is going to pay off in the long run.?

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And when one of the 3 need a breather or heaven forbid an injury....KABOOM.
Might turn out to be the worst Cat trade in 10 years.

Rice has sat on the bench since 2014, now he's got some big shoes to fill. He hasn't been able to crack the starting line up in 4 years but with the departure of Bomben they are going to throw him in there.
Should be interesting to see what happens, can Rice get the job done?

Can Chapman win a spot? he has to compete against Aprile, Chambers, Faubert-Lussier, Mike Jones, Bob Scarfone to win a spot. Can't keep them all, at least 2 have to go and probably one on the practice roster.

They have at least 5 Canadian reserve OL players, and the only one of them on the fringe of the roster is Everton Williams. He's a converted DL from the draft 3-4 years ago, and has never cracked the active roster to my knowledge. Yet they have kept him around.

Aside from Williams, the Canadian OL depth is great. Ciraco from this years draft is a very good athlete for a guy who weighs 292lbs. I wouldn't at all be shocked if he was starting RG or C by mid 2018. Filer can always play RG if Ciraco is a better C. Filer was a G in university and in his first year or two with the Ticats.

I have faith in Rice though. He's a scrappy player, and can also play OT in a pinch. Revenberg (speling?) is the only other Canadian OL the Ticats have with that versatility. And being 6'5" 300+, Rice can hold his own when he combines his experience with his size.