Ticats - not a good team....yet

Well, as a long time reader of this site, I decided to delve into a quick post to try to soothe the angst in ticat land.

Yes, the ticats are 0-5 and yes the frustration to the team, management and fans is evident. But here is my thought, the ticats are not a good team right now and what with the high turnover in players, coaches/management, I really don't find that so surprising.

As much as we fans get excited in the offseason with all the individual stats and past performance or unlimited potential of new players, it's easy to forget that it takes time to mold a cohesive team.

I look at BC as a really good example of how important the whole team is compared to any one individual or player. Here is a team that lost their number #1 QB, then lost their backup QB# and still managed to win with their third QB. Now are they a better team with Mr Dickenson instead of Mr Jackson? I am sure they are. However, the point being is that a good team is better than any one player no matter how talented that played may be.

So have faith Ticat fans, there is hope...each week the team appears to be a little bit better (at least to my admitted limited football IQ). It will take time to bring everyone together to the point we can all be proud of the TEAM....and that time may not come soon enough for all of you....but it will come.

Welcome Havefaith, and keep posting. Well said.

Bob, is that you? :wink: