Ticats next target?

With over a month left until the draft there's still a few things we can do. For example, we could sign Charles Roberts to help strengthen our RB core, then release RB John Williams as he seems to be ineffective. We might have WR David Ball signed soon and if not I think we should pursue WR Kerry Johnson who was recently released from the Bombers. We'll need another FB for sure, I'm not sure who could fit that role though. We also desperately need 1 more DE and there happens to be a great one sitting in the free agency. I'm speaking of none other then Tom Canada. Imagine this. RE Brandon Guillory, LE Tom Canada, DT Darrell Adams, DT Jermaine Reid. Then we'd have a good team and wouldnt need to rely on starting a draft pick this season.

You can’t replace an import with a non-import.

John Williams is not ineffective. He’s a terrific special teams player. Those roles are crititcal and I doubt Roberts, being as small as he is, could come close to Williams’ ability in that most cruicial role.

Furthermore, Williams make a lot less that Roberts does, so this wouldn’t work for cap reasons too.

A terrible idea all the way around.

I don't think Charles Roberts would help the RB corps...I suspect his career is at an end. Already have two American RBs in Caulley and Keith, so I can't envision Obie bringing him in.

Canada? No thanks, too much baggage. Better to find some college hotshot out of the US.......and with the folding of NFL Europe and the AFL, it's a buyer's market. Go younger and cheaper and forget Tom Canada.

cheesegod. Canada denied comming to the cats a year ago.

i feel john williams has been a nice edition to our team. not been spectacular when running the ball but as CK said he is an exellent edition to our special teams and he is canadian!

as for Tom Canada, i wouldnt give him a contract because hes not worth it, i am excited to see some of the young d lineman that will be coming to camp, mcfadden and mcintyre are both 24 and could have great potentiol :thup:

I like Roberts but he's well past his prime. Don't need him. We're trying to get YOUNGER (and not Jordan :wink: )
I like John Williams, don't want to see him go, and he's a NI, which we need in the RB position somewhere. Hope we sign Ball, but not sure we need him. Don't know much about Johnson. Pavlovic is listed as a FB, but never actually seen him rush with the ball, so you're right, we may want to pick up someone (or maybe use John Williams). Guillory is an above average DE, and we will probably get Corey Mace for the season. Do you not remember Tom Canada's attitude about coming to Hamilton? Couple that with his somewhat ineffective play and health problems and he may not be the best fit.

The next target is Corey Mace :twisted:

Corey Would be good :smiley: :slight_smile: 8) :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :rockin: :thup: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :o 8) 8) 8) :lol: 8)

Yes, Do you mean Corey Holmes! Let’s try to get him…oh wait wasn’t he here a couple of years ago?

I think he means Corey Grant! :rockin:

What about Corey Koskie? He's not going to return to baseball now. We could try to get him.

In no particular order...

Dave Stala (to a low base contract with incentives tied to games played, catches, yards, etc.). If he's recovered from his injury problems and is able to play to the level of his earlier promise, he is compensated well and the team benefits from another quality NI starter. If not, he either gets cut or is paid accordingly.

Luke Fritz - for a completely Canadian OLine.

Corey Mace - if/when he comes to the CFL.

I hope Obie gets very serious about the MLB and the DLine, or is he going to do the same as last year. We definitely need talent on defense. And more than just cuts from other CFL teams. Waiting for Maze is not enough. :wink:

I think if we trade the 1 or 3 pick in the draft, it will be for help at MLB or on the D-Line.

I can see Obie asking for MLB Joe Lobendahn from the Bombers if the Bombers are serious about moving up in the draft (which they have said they are).

I can also see Edmonton making a play for one of our top picks. And they always have a nice stockpile of D-Linemen we could take a look at in a trade situation.

I dunno but I don't see anyone in this years class that would make a big impact.....

Hey, if Kelly is dumb enough to trade Lobendahn for a draft pick, I’d jump on that deal in second.

Not that trading picks for proven help is a bad thing. In Lobendhan's case he has sustained TWO serious leg injuries and he has played very little in the CFL to be worth a 1st pick in the draft. Marshall would know anyway.

We already signed Edmonton's sack leader from last season.

I think the Ticats may trade Richie Williams and one of their early draft choices for a starter. I won't guess on whom, or what position, but our needs are as obvious to Obie as they are to us.