Ticats news / practice

Has anyone heard of who is getting first team reps on offence and defence.

Is Sinkfield getting reps of defence or offence ?

Is Tolliver practicing
Is Mcdaniel stilk getting first team reps over Sinkfield

Who is getting first team reps at wide sidw corner ? Willams ? Leonard ? Sinkfield
How about wide side half back? Johnson ? Williams ? Leonard ?

I know Rolle is ruled out of this Sunday’a game

Not sure why Steve Milton doesn’t ask June Jones or tweet updates from practice

Posted yesterday afternoon…


Great questions. I know Jones stated Sinkfield is taking reps on D due to the Rolle injury.

You would think the Spectator would provide more coverage in general for a Hamilton Sports team playing in a Conference Championship. ???

Like last Thursday, today’s practice was closed to the public and media. We’re not likely to get answers, or maybe even hints toward them, until after Friday’s final session.

I suspect they are ROLLE-ing the dice with Sinkfield.
It is yet to be determined what ROLLE Sinkfield will play…

ROLLEin, ROLLEin, ROLLEin - keep them doggies movin, Rawhide…

The Spectator is mum, because they don’t want Ottawa to know - keep them guessing.
The Eagle…

Great accurate post. No spin at all in any of that. Just ROLLE. :wink:

I don’t think the spec is being quiet to keep things from Ottawa. If that was the case Sinkfield would have played . I think you are giving the cats and the spec to much credit as we rarely have and trick plays and we don’t have any secret stars we are hiding.
One thing to note is that Addison played qb in high school.