Ticats' New Helmet

Normally, I'm a traditionalist, but I have to give the Ticats props for their new helmet design. The logo has a good mix of aggression and energy without abandoning their recognizable brand.

Just wondering what everyone else thought about it.

....thankfully they got rid of those leather ones...lol,,,, :lol:

Kanga everyone knows what you think of the new ti cat logo please do us all a favour and dont rant about it again in this thread.

it looks great in my opinion btw, ticats have always had killer unis, and this new white helmet with the swiping cat looks great. Hope it gives them a boost on labour day!

I like it, anything to help us agains't those Smargos. But just winning is the most important thing, new helmet design or otherwise.

so it's going to be all white for labour day is that the gag?

Yes. Hamilton Spectator article at:

[url=http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=hamilton/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1147729811844&call_pageid=1112274690688&col=1112274690756]http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp ... 2274690756[/url]

"The white helmet with new logo will be combined with white jerseys and pants for the Labour Day contest as part of the club's 'Never Wear White After Labour Day' promotion.

After the Labour Day contest, the Ticats will auction off the helmets with the proceeds going to charity, similar to the plans for the third jersey, which will be worn Aug. 12."

oh nice...thanks living in Toronto Ive never ever heard of this funny newspaper here...

I think that's pretty cool that while most other professional teams go with black or dark themed 3rd Jersey's, Hamilton's going to go with a white theme quite original.

Ok wise guy, you've probably never heard of it because of the noise pollution there in the Big Smoke (we help you out with this name by sending all of our steel smoke stack smoke along the QEW to you guys there)


Yeh, white might be good, away from our "dirty" steel town image.

I love the new helmet, but now my mini-helmet collection is incomplete..again! The new lids look sweet!

Any news on whether the team will release some fan gear with the new logo?

I don't hate it, I don't love it, I like it, that's all I will say.

still miss the old logo, wish that they could have done something like that with it.

Sorry but it looks like an XFL helmet to me.

I sent an email to The Helmet Projet to tell them to add it.

Ah, 3&10, you beat me to it ... I won't send one to the helmet project now ...

I don't mind it, but I'm glad it's not replacing the "normal" helmet. I'm a traditionalist, and I like the leaping ti-cat a lot better, and I think that's what should be on Hamilton's "main" helmet for always (I like the "updated" Ti-cat too). But for a one-off logo, it's pretty neat. I like the all-white concept, too. Didn't the Ti-Cats use to wear all-white unis, way back in the day? Anyway, I think it looks good - perhaps a bit XFL-ish, but it's not too bad. Still glad it's not replacing the other one.

I think I know where I've "seen" it before, though ...

This was rumoured to be a prototype for the Detroit Lions, but apparently it's actually just something someone made up for a personal portfolio. I got it from helmets, helmets, helmets ... www.misterhabs.com/helmets.htm. I don't mean to burst the Ti-Cats bubble, but they do look pretty similar ...

Man, talk about an ugly prototype:

From the link!
The white helmet with an aerodynamic tiger head


Plus white jerseys and white pants!

No thanks

I woudl like to see what the stripes are like … so far it looks like a yellow middle with black on the edges, but I would like to know if it disappears further back along the helmet, or if it’s the same thickness all the way around …

Just saw it in the Hamilton Spectator today. Man, it really does look good. It looks modern and energetic to me. The old logo with the leaping TiCat sometimes looks stiff. But I don't want to mess with the traditionalists. I'd like to see it incorporated into the team outfits, in some fashion but not ALL white.

aerodynamic? :lol:

I knew I saw a simular looking halmet somewhere, thanks Kev for that.

As a one-time thing, I think the new design is neat. I would be very upset if they made these the permanent helmet, though.

I think the "Don't Wear White After Labour Day" promotion is clever...and funny. But at the same time, I'm a little disappointed that they're messing with the most traditional game of the year by wearing something other than the black shirts. They won't look quite so menacing in all-white, and Labour Day is the one day that they should look more menacing than any other.

Ah, well, I guess I'm thinking like the old days when that game had by far the biggest crowd of the year. Now that we're pretty much filling the stadium for each and every contest, there's not as much difference between that game and the others.

Either way, I like that the Cats are continuing to come up with new ideas every year. This keeps it fresh for us regulars. Nice work, guys!