Ticats naming new coaches today? (The Spectator)



Ok, relax, here's the real story... :wink:

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Our investigative reporter Ken 'Jeepers Creepers' Peters
apparently has unidentified sources who have told him that

'Word out of Winnipeg is that Working
and Bomber starter Kevin Glenn

didn't exactly see eye-to-eye.'

Now I know why Kevin Glenn hasn't
blossomed into great success at QB

He is cross-eyed!

Good thing we never traded for him.

Aside from having cross words with Kevin Glenn

Mike Working has a resume

dating back over 30 years.

2006- Quarterbacks Coach- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1991-2005- Head Coach- Mount Saint Joseph High School

                   in Baltimore, Maryland 

1986-1990- Offensive Coordinator, Receivers-

       University of Tulsa    

1983-1985- Receivers Coach- Detroit Lions

1980-1982- Head Coach- Appalachian State

1978-1979- Quarterbacks and Receivers Coach-

       Wake Forest

1975-1977- Offensive Line and Receivers Coach-

       West Virginia

1973-1974- Tight Ends Coach- Tennessee-Knoxville

In the article, Ken Peters says:

"The Ticats have announced a media conference for 11 a.m. this morning at which time Mike Working and Rod Rust are slated to be announced as the club's new offensive and defensive co-ordinator's respectfully."

I'm glad to know the announcement will be handled with respect-- I would expect nothing less than the utmost tact and good grace from all concerned in this important event.

Something tells me though, that Ken meant to say "respectively". I certainly hope so anyway.

I hope that we don't have any afternoon games this year.
I know from a reliable source that RR likes to have a little R@R mid-afternoon. He says that it charges up his 79 year old batteries.

I am firmly behind the signing of Rod Rust with the concerns that some may have.
Everyone ages differently, and my father as an example is in great shape for a 77 year old but age issues exist with my dad.
His memory is not quite as good, his energy level is not what it used to be even as recently as a couple of years ago.
Lets hope RR continues in great health, and has a successful run with the Cats!!

How long can Rod work ..
I think Age is Problem..
He said is Health is good
Do we no that for shure
I know nothing about Working..

On offense Charlie is going to run the show, allowing him to mentor Working. Should work fine. Age might be an issue with Rust, but I have to assume Taffe believes that the mentoring process will develop the rest of the D coaches. I expect the big concern is putting the d scheme in place, and no one questions Rust's abilities there. I was still hoping Mikey would take one of the top posts, but...

These are some great questions. I hope everyone will take advantage of the Webchat today at 5pm and visit the Endzone Bar and Grill starting at 6:30pm.

The entire staff is very approachable and would enjoy the opportunity to interact with all of the fans.

That is a bunch of Peters junk about Glenn and Working. The kid had a career year last year. Working left for a better job - coordinator. Who wouldn't leave for a $50k raise? That is why Peters gets banned from locker rooms.

Anybody have an audio link with the press conference?

Rod makes Ron look like a rookie. Rust may be a good name for both these guys. :lol: :cowboy:

Peters is a joke. Its almost like english is his second language.

Anyways, I was reading Rust's bio and man he has a crazy resume. He might be old but his knowledge of the defensive side of the ball is amazing. Im sure he'll be around for a season or two to help mentor some of the younger position coaches.

Rust will do 'ok' ..... keep up the good health

Yes I think he can be "OK" but I am still against sorry to say hiring a 79 year old coach who can't possibly be for the long term then what he leaves and then a new coach comes in and changes things up again, a rebuilt defence will take time I don't think this was a great move for the Ticat organization at all for the long term and our future. :roll: :thdn:

Pleased with these new additions to the coaching staff, although a little skeptical about Rod's age. These guys definately have some of the experience we have been missing in recent years.

I can only hope that Rod is able to mentor one of his defensive assistants into a future DC.

Age. schmage...

If some of you young guys are lucky enough to reach the age of 79, (as I have),you just may realize that OLD is a function of experience and intelligence, not of years.

Give the guy a break. So, he won't be here for the next ten years. From all the complaining during the recent months, I thought we were concerned with THIS year.

Get back to me in November. I'll still be here, and I'll bet Rod is too.

Will After Speaking with The Staff Tonight
I was impressed With Rod and Charlie..

It is nice to see the formation of a very experienced coaching staff for the Ticats this year.

Moreover, in the Feb 9/07 edition of The Hamilton Spectator, Ken Peters reported that Ticat head coach Charlie Taaffe will hire a receivers coach, an offensive line coach, and a defensive line coach and that "...the whole Cat coaching contingent reports to Balsam Avenue North for full-time duty March 5...".

It is an encouraging sign that the entire Ticat coaching staff (including a receivers coach) will be in place to prepare for the season together for two and a half months leading up to training camp. By contrast, three of the Ticat assistant coaches on last year's staff (Perry Marchese, Joe Sardo and Frank Gesztesi) were hired on May 20/06, one day before training camp started. The added preparation time for the whole Ticat coaching staff this year should result in a more efficient product on the field in 2007.

Thanks for pointing that out, TCTD. I missed it.

Two and a half months to prepare, this is HUGE!