TiCats name new ST Coordinator

steve milton?
38m38 minutes ago
Frank Gansz Jr. has been named special teams coordinator for the #Ticats. #CFL.
He'll mentor Craig Butler.
Frank Gansz Sr. was a legendary special teams coach in the #NFL and NCAA and also head-coached the #Chiefs

Thumbs up for hiring a ST coordinator. It was never a good idea to try and go without one. (Those who supported the idea at the time will now, naturally, flip their positions and support the exact opposite idea.)

Thumbs down for the recurring view that no one with CFL experience was qualified. Special teams is that most uniquely Canadian of units due to all the differences in rules. If I were HAM's opponents I would have some fun with this learning curve in the first few weeks of the season.

I was thinking the same thing.

I wouldn't be surprised if it is Butler doing the mentoring.

I hope there’ll be a lot of that.

It makes no sense at this stage of the preseason to bring in a guy with no CFL experience. Why not do it months ago and give the co-ordinator a chance to learn the subtleties of the game? The only answer is that he just came available and that this is a long term play... There is an awful lot of CFL inexperience on our staff. Orlondo and Craig will be very busy mentoring the “experts?.

He has been here for training camp as a guest coach, so Jones has had a chance to evaluate his grasp of the different rules. But yeah, I don’t get this either.

Hey, thanks CFIO ^^^

Just saw June’s latest video that states what you said. Seems the players like him too. From what I have seen so far the special teams are doing well .. good contain when we kick and a couple of decent returns.

I miss Reibold’s living on the edge plays. Loved his onside punts. Hope to see that this year at the right time!

I am overwhelmed at the number of ex NFL and NCAA legendary/exemplary coaches we have on this teAm now. Should be a shoe-in of a Grey Cup season!

The fact that he was already here throughout training camp makes it less of a head-scratcher.