Ticats name Dan Morrison Offensive Assistant and Quarterbacks Coach

June Jones, Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, announced Tuesday that Dan Morrison has been appointed Offensive Assistant and Quarterbacks Coach of the football club.
For 16 years (1999-2014), Morrison coached at the NCAA Division 1-A level, including two stints under Jones as Associate Head Coach and Quarterbacks Coach at Southern Methodist University (2008-14), and Quarterbacks Coach at the University of Hawaii (1999-2007). Morrison most recently served as Receivers Coach for the U.S. Men’s National Team in the 2015 International Federation of American Football (IFAF) World Championship in Canton, Ohio, where he helped lead the team to a 4-0 record and a gold medal finish.
During his seven seasons at Southern Methodist University, Morrison helped Jones implement the “Run and Shoot? offence which re-wrote the school’s record book by setting 13 of the Mustang’s 14 all-time offensive team records. His quarterbacks also performed at the highest level, including Garrett Gilbert setting five single-game passing records [total offense (635), plays (81), touchdowns responsible for (7), completions (45), and pass attempts (70)], and Kyle Padron holding the single-season passing touchdown record with 35.
Prior to his time at SMU, Morrison spent nine years at the University of Hawaii where he produced All-Conference quarterbacks in five of his nine seasons, and mentored NCAA all-time passing leader Timmy Chang and all-time touchdown pass leader Colt Brennan. In 2004, Chang made NCAA history by becoming the all-time passing leader with 17,072 career yards, and in 2007, Brennan, who finished third in the Heisman Trophy race, broke 29 NCAA records, including passing touchdowns in a season (58) and career (131). Overall, Warrior quarterbacks passed for over 40,000 yards and 350 touchdowns under Morrison’s guidance, and their offence ranked in the top five nationally in passing each year.

An appointment like this at this point in the year may be an indication that Jones will be back next year as HC.

And poor old Stef stepped on again.
Morrison seems like a good fit though as a QBs coach and an assistant for the offense. He has had great success in these areas. Even made Timmy Chang into the all time college passing leader...WOW!

8)Yes, too bad good old Timmy Chang couldn't carry over his college success to the
pro ranks !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

And his CFL experience…NADA

Good signing. Two quarterback whisperers......................

After the way he has lifted the team out of the toilet, I don't see how they could possibly justify not trying to bring him back.

I don't disagree. I think for the most part, he has done well for being thrown in with not much time up here. Things like clock management & goal line play calling still need to be improved, but hopefully with more experience will be improved.

However, some posters here don't see him as a long term answer at HC.

Even if he rounds into a top CFL coach, at his age I can't imagine him wanting to continue here for more than, say, five years. Even so, having someone stable and competent at the reigns while we figure out some kind of succession plan is a good thing.

Five years seems to be the average for most coaches in professional sports....


Safety Blitz Not sure what age has to do with. Why do people bring up age as a deterrent? This guy has probably forgot more about football than most of us realize. Get in the game. Age discrimination sucks.

Where did I say one negative word about how Jones' age would affect his ability? I suggested that someone his age is unlikely to be willing to continue to coach for more than about 5 more years.

Wally Buono is 67, and is only unretired from coaching because he found his successors inadequate.

Ken Miller resigned from the SK HC job at age 69, and only returned briefly for an interim stint the following year.

The oldest active HC in the NFL is Pete Carroll, who just turned 66.

The oldest active NFL HC in recent years was Tom Coughlin, who lost his HC gig at age 69.

Greats like Don Schula and Tom Landry didn't coach past 65.

Observing that it's unrealistic to expect Jones to want to coach into his 70s is not age discrimination, it's understanding human nature and observing what people have done in similar situations.

I found these old coaches...

Jack McKeon - managed the Florida Marlins - retired at 80

Hubie Brown - coached the Memphis Grizzlies - retired at 70

Joe Paterno - coaches Penn State - forced out at 85

George Halas - coached the Chicago Bears - retired at 72

Marv Levy- coached the Buffalo Bills,Montreal Alouettes- retired at 72

Bobby Bowden - coached at Florida State - retired at 80

Connie Mack - coached the Philadelphia Athletics - retired at 87

And since we're talking about pro football, the only examples you provided relevant to the discussion are:

George Halas - coached the Chicago Bears - retired at 72
Marv Levy- coached the Buffalo Bills, Montreal Alouettes - retired at 72

Only 2 of them, and only a couple of years beyond 70.

Even if I spot you college coaches Paterno, Bowden, and John Gagliardi, they're still rare exceptions, not the norm.

I'm not saying there's no chance Jones will stay longer, I'm just saying we'd be fools to count on it.

Seems pretty clear that June Jones will be the Head Coach in 2018, which could lead to other changes as well. I'm hoping that Austin, Tillman and even Mitchell's positions are at the very least reviewed.

Dane Evans...definetly worth a look

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-MC7jCs7Mo :smiley:

So what's this mean for
Stefan Ptaszek

Probably nothing much good. Maybe back to the university ranks.