TiCats name Creehan their new DC


Answering myself, my first thought is: God, what are my Als going to do now?

I guess we're down to Jim Daley.

Jim Daley is a good coach, so if he is your defensive guy, he brings a ton of experience to that side of the ball.

Which brings us to your original question.
Last year, the Ti-Cats were second guessed all year because of the lack of experience, both in the coaching ranks and the GM position.
With the addition of OB, they have as much experience as any team in the league at the GM slot. Some might question if OB is past his " best before date", but we'll see.
With the addition of Marcel and now Denny Creehan, the question marks regarding an experienced coaching staff seem to be answered. Both guys have plenty of experience, and have had success in this league.
So the moves by the Ti-Cats seem to be solid choices and there should be no excuses in The Hammer, this year....

There can't be .. This year there playoff Guaranty

Ex-Calgary Creehan might be an underrated coach because of Calgary weak defense and previous success elsewhere.

Having experience at the DC positon is a good move for the Cats. They need to bring in some more talent on that side of the ball now