Ticats Name Chamblin D-Coordinator, Solidify Defensive Staff

The Tiger-Cats announced today that Corey Chamblin has been hired as the team’s Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach.

“We’re excited to announce Corey as our new Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach,? said Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille. “He is a bright, young and successful coach in the CFL. The style of defence he employs will be dynamic and exciting to watch.?

In addition, the Ticats have promoted Brad Miller to Special Teams Coordinator, Linebackers Coach and Assistant Head Coach.

“As one of our most experienced and knowledgeable coaches, Brad’s diverse skillset will continue to solidify and enhance our strong coaching staff,? said Bellefeuille. “I’m excited to provide Brad with more opportunities to help our football team.?

John Kropke will return for his fourth campaign as Defensive Line Coach after joining the Ticats in 2008.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-name-corey-chamblin-defensive-coordinator-solidify-defensive-coaching-staff]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-nam ... hing-staff[/url]

What is the status of Dave Easley?

Did he go with Marshall to the Riders?

Too bad about Easley.

Brought respectability back to STs under his watch after having been abysmal for so long.

Riders is the likely scenario.

But its also a good sign the braintrust has confidence in Miller enough to give him more responsibility.

Dont know exactly what Assistant Head Coach actually means but is a promotion for Miller.

It sure is a promotion for Miller; I wonder if being special teams coordinator, linebackers' coach, and assistant head coach is a bit much for one guy to handle. . . mind you, that linebacking corps is so excellent my guess is that they don't really need much in the way of coaching. . .

Don't think the coaching staff has been fleshed out yet.
There will probably be more hirings of assnt coaches down the road.Considering the relative upheavel of the coaching staff at the end of 2010 MB/Obie have done a pretty good job solidifying the main vacancies by the first half of JAN.