Ticats n' Riders and Supercrawl

Man, this is shaping up to be one fun Saturday in the Hammer!

A nicely timed game (6:30pm) will allow the fellas to spend the afternoon preparing to bring the noise at the stadium. (And, it will give the Chatham-contingent some time to head down the highway to see Fantuz get dismantled.)
Then, from the stadium we head down to what’s looking to be a pretty cool street festival.

And (knock on wood), the weather looks like it’s going to play nice.

So pumped for Saturday!!!

Well the weather can't possibly be much worse that it was at last year's Supercrawl.


Too bad most of the best acts (IMNSHO) are playing at the same time as the game though.

Be carefull Slo, wouldnt want you to mugged or pistol whipped in that most undesireable part of Hamilton, just blocks from the west harbour. Oh the horror !!!

LOL!!! Good point!
Think I'll take my chances. If something happens, please enshrine my username in gold on the escarpment. Thanks, in advance.

Even with the rain, that looked pretty damn cool. Gonna be fun. Gotta get a Tabbie win though. That always makes the 'after events' a whole lot more enjoyable!

I just gotta say, I'd put that Saturday night in Hamilton up against a Saturday night anywhere in North America. Saw an unbelievably entertaining game, hopped a shuttle down to the Super Crawl where we were shoulder-to-shoulder watching some cool bands (reported attendance of 20,000), then hoofed it over to Hess and partied with thousands.

Once people in Hamilton realize how good it actually is here, the potential for this city will be limitless.

Wow, slo, 20,000 people, and no mass executions, or gang warfare? And how pray tell, did all those people get in and out of that scary area when we have been told by many posters here that there is no accessibility.......LMAO

Yup, a truly astonishing feat!! I'm not sure what the average attendance is at Hess -- sure felt like a good 4-5,000 -- but add that to the mix. Didn't see any issues down there either -- other than some overly pushy cops looking to create some work for themselves.

We took a cab out of there at the end of the night and was back out to the 'burbs in about 15 minutes.

Honestly, it's too bad it doesn't sound like more on this forum were down there. There was plenty of Rider green represented at both places. All looked to be having a great time. Definitely about as positive an experience as anyone could have with any city.

I wonder how many supercrawlers were at the game. I’ve followed the Hamilton Flickr groups* for some time (they do an amazing job at photographing Hamilton). They’re pretty big on the art crawls, but the TiCats aren’t very well represented in their photos (not to say that they’re absent). It always disappointed me a little bit. I could be wrong, but I feel like artsy types are sporty types are largely disjoint groups.

*links http://www.flickr.com/groups/hamilton_flickr_group/ and http://www.flickr.com/groups/hamilton-ontario/

I'm sure at the extreme ends of the spectrum, you're right. But, outdoor concerts and streetfests seem to be pretty universal. The average Art Crawl, for sure. Definitely more suited to, arguably, non-hardcore sports fans. That said, I work with quite a few artsy-ish types and most often sports is a pretty key part of the discussion.

We did see a handful of jerseys down near the main stage. Obviously, a bit more of a presence once we got to Hess. (Which -- and this shows the 'football' types I was with -- was accelerated due to the lack of abundant beverages at the Supercrawl!!)

Wife and me were thinking of going after the game but didn't but excellent to have this for sure. One year when it's not with a TiCat game we'll go but we do go to the Casbah once in a while for a concert. I'm not much for people painting have to admit but the music sounds great, no pun intended. :wink:

Took a quick walk through the crawl in the afternoon, then made it back after the game in time for most of Elliot Brood’s awesome set.
Then more great entertainment at the afterparty at 118 James with Olenka, Ginger, & Waxmannequin which went til 3am (Wax kept playing acoustically with everyone singing along after the sound guy unplugged him), along with the dance party next door.

Hmmm Jerk, just checking out Elliot Brood on Myspace, good stuff, haven't heard him before, will have to check him out next time he comes to town!

Not a "him"; a "them".

[i]How did you name the band?

The name story is hilarious, because it's really nothing. It was a mistaken thing. Mark is a big baseball fan and he was watching the Robert Redford film 'The Natural' -- kind of a classic movie -- there's a femme fatale character in the film named Harriett Bird, and Mark thought that if she had a brother, he would be just as evil, and his name would be Elliott Brood, because he'd mistaken bird for brood. That's how it all came about, a mistaken late night viewing of 'The Natural.' We've often made up in interviews where the name came from, that it's the name of a killer or something, but [the truth] is not that interesting. It's worked out for us, though.[/i]

from: http://www.spinner.ca/2010/03/11/elliott-brood-interview-sxsw-2010/

Ah, cool! I see they played with the Sadies whom I really like and Wilco and Broken Social Scene, I can see that. PM me if you ever hear they are going to be around, I see they are going on an Aussie tour.

Now, to make this thread a little more Ticat-related....

Overheard at Supercrawl:

Out-of-towner: "Wow, this is really cool!... but where are all the weird, ugly, scary-looking people I always hear about?"

Local: "They're all at the Ticat game."